Great Adventure 8/13/11...I'm getting old and grumpy

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Bizarro left you cold? It left me quite the opposite, actually. :)

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Only thing I don't like about Bizarro is the sound they added to it. They are trying to overcome wind and ride noise by cranking the volume to 11.

Sorry folks, overdriving speakers and unintelligible voices do not make for a better ride experience.

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There was no sound when I was there in June. There was fire, though, and that was pretty cool.

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The fire and ice and cut-outs were all pluses for Medusa. The ear-blasting noise...not so much. I'd prefer it without the noise.

I do wish I could have done bizarro when it was just Ride of Steel and wasn't changed, but I have heard it is still quite great. I'm excited to make it 100.

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Houdini is so much better at SFGA than SFNE. NE has hardly any theming on the outside and the effects are not that great during the ride (ie you don't get Houdini's face in the crystal ball at NE). Sorry about your bad luck. The ride attendant should have been able to handel that situation better. Seems like lack of training for ride ops at parks is becoming more of a problem these days.

The audio on the other bizzarro is really great. It's only running on one train I believe. But it's sounds like an actual soundtrack. Not a bunch of rambling quotes from this movie or that tv show. Just wish they kept the flame element. Nice TR!

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I was able to ride both Houdini rides within 2 days of each other last year (first time for both), and I was just excited to have the chance to ride a Madhouse again.

Thankfully I rode SNFE's first, because SFGADVs was SO much better.

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Yeah, I absolutely loved Houdini. I wish it would have gone on longer, or maybe spun faster towards the end to bring the ride to a dizzying end, but it was so unique and definitely awesome. Now that my knee feels better, I'm thinking of making another trip to Great Adventure by myself and just taking my time and doing more than just power riding. Maybe get a few more rides on Houdini, ride Ka for the first time in two years, etc. Maybe I will be luckier this time.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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Looks like it's still down..

Kingda Ka is temporarily closed for maintenance. We regret the inconvenience to our guests.

Just another Mike..

Six Flags can't seem to get Ka open for an entire season. I'm all for safety, and if they can't run it safely, fine, but maybe it is time to call this coaster a losing proposition and scrap it. Great Adventure doesn't need it anyway. Their other coasters are stellar for the most part.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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That coaster is part of the reason why I don't desire to re-visit the park. If I am going to spend money trekking across the country to ride the tallest coaster in the U.S., I want to make sure that it is open when I do. The year that the ride debuted, it quickly closed. After months of repair, the park publicly announced on their webpage that the ride was reopened, so I decided to *trek across the country* to ride it. I was un-leasently surprised to find that it was re-closed.

So now I have Ridebreakdownaphobia. :) I don't want to chance it.

Ah yes, it is a quite risky thing to travel across the country to ride something that may or may not be open, but there are so many other wonderful parks on the way from your area, and again, Great Adventure has some excellent coasters besides Ka. I totally get your point because so many people want to ride the fastest, tallest coasters, and if a park is advertising a coaster as being part of the park lineup, it should be expected that the coaster is working. But east can always go to Moreys if Great Adventure doesn't pan out for you! :)

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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