Great Adventure, 6/10/10

After not going to the park in over 3 weeks, I was looking forward to another trip. I used a bring a friend free coupon from the season passbook for my sister who hasn't been to the park since last summer. The lot wasn't that crowded and not many school groups but there were more cars than I was expecting for a school day.

First ride of the day was Blackbeard's, 1 cycle wait. The loading was slower than normal. Jolly Roger was loading so that was next, the ride cycle seemed a little longer than last year. Skull Mountain was a lot darker than it has been all season with just the skull and pumpkin lit up. 1 train wait and we were able to stay on for a re-ride.

I checked the line for Nitro, almost into the switchbacks so I skipped it, Batman was into the switchbacks outside the tunnel and it was too hot to wait in the tunnel today. We went to the Dark Knight next and walked right into the pre-show and waited maybe 5 minutes after the pre-show room. The 2nd holographic projection is now working but the bat signal was not on today at the end of the ride.

The Skyway was shut down because of clouds and it looked like it was going to start raining even though it was supposed to be partly cloudy all day. We walked over to Frontier Adventures, saw the Log Flume was at least 30 minutes and went to Runaway Mine Train which was a 1 train wait. For some reason, they unloaded the 2 rows of the first car and made the people get back in the station and sent out those 2 rows empty.

Rolling Thunder had at least a 30 minute line so we skipped it for now and it started to rain. First it was drizzling but then it got worse.We went to the Tea Cups since that was under cover and in the few minutes we were on the ride, the rain picked up even more then completely stopped. It appeared to empty out the park a little and combined with school groups leaving, crowds were much better after that.

We went to the Tiger Show in the Golden Kingdom, it was different than the show in 2008 and was better than I was expecting.

Rolling Thunder was now a walk on, we got a non wheel seat and the ride wasn't rough at all. The only problem is dispatches are still very slow.

The Log Flume still had a line so we went back to Runaway Mine Train and too the Skyway back to the Lakefront, stopped at Skull Mountain for2 more rides and went back to Nitro. 3 trains were running and it was a1 train wait. Great ride as always. I saw Batman was going out with empty rows and stopped there next and walked onto the last row.

After that, we decided to leave since the park was closing in less than an hour we had basically gone on everything we wanted to.

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I'm glad to hear that Rolling Thunder is ride-able.

Thanks Yoshi

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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