Great Adventure, 5/19/09

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Today was a strange day at the park. The lot was not that crowded and there weren't that many people on the midways in the park but the lines were very bad especially for a weekday in May.

Superman's line had the 1st set of switchbacks full and then the line went almost to where it makes a 90 degree turn. With 2 train operation it would be around 40 - 45 minutes. With the 1 train running today it was easily 90+ minutes.

Batman's line was into the Gotham City Park area. Nitro had a few swtichbacks full so that meant at least 30 minutes.

I thought I would try Skull Mountain, 1 train wait for the back. No music, no lights on the skull figure or pumpkin but strobes. I went back for a 2nd ride and this time there was no music, lights on the objects or strobes.

I stopped at Jolly Roger and then Blackbeard's which is once again giving you 2 laps.

The log flume was 20 minutes, Runaway Mine Train was a walk on, so I rode 4 times in a row.

I walked by Bizarro to see the new signs, they look good. When passing El Toro I saw it had a full queue with a line a little past the entrance. Rolling Thunder's line was down the stairs. With the normal dispatch times that meant easily a half hour wait.

Scream Machine was a walk on, the ride in the 3rd car wasn't bad but when I went for a re-ride, I took the last row and it was horrible. You get pulled through the loops and it causes your head to hit the back of the seat. I had to take a break after that one so I went to Fly Me To The Moon since it was loading. Not much to say about that other than they need a new film.

Superman still had an hour or more wait so I went to check out Nitro. A little past the 60 minute sign which was a 15 minute wait. They now have someone at the turnstyle to enter the station trying to have some crowd control and not letting people in line for the front block the entrance. Someone was smoking in line which really was annoying. I was hoping security would see him and throw him out of the park but he wasn't caught. I went back for a 2nd ride and when the train got to the final brake run, they announced minor technical difficulties. The train was stuck for a little less than 10 minutes, they dispatched the train in the station but sent our train out empty.

It was 5:35 and with only 25 minutes left, I thought I'd go to the log flume again. 5 minute wait to take the sky ride and I saw Bizarro testing. I was going to get some pictures from the sky ride but my camera phone is bad so I didn't bother after I tried to take 1 picture (you are allowed to take pictures on the sky ride). I ran over to Runaway Mine Train to get a closer look at Bizarro testing but couldn't see that much more. I went back to the log flume, 5 minute wait and took the sky ride back to Dream Street with no wait.

When I was walking back to the car at 6:15 I saw Superman still had a line.

It was an ok trip, there weren't that many people in the park so I was surprised to see such long lines for the major coasters. I guess Kingda Ka closed and Bizarro not open yet made lines longer as well. It is just that usually when lines are that long, even the smaller coasters have some lines which wasn't the case today.

Ride Count:
Nitro - 2
Skull Mountain - 2
Jolly Roger - 1
Blackbeard's - 1
Great American Scream Machine - 2
Fly Me To The Moon - 1
Skyway - 2
Log Flume - 2

Runawa Mine Train - 5

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