Great Adventure 5-24-10

I've been looking forward to go to this park for years, and was very skeptical due to all the horrible trip reports I've read of people just waiting and waiting in line. My girlfriend and I planned a trip to New York city, so what better time to stop by Great Adventure. I live in Central Ohio so I am very familiar with waiting in long lines at CP and KI. I told myself if there was more than a 30 minute wait it was time to buy a gold flash pass. After 30 minutes in the park I could see that is not only wasn't going to be necessary, but we weren't going to wait in lines at all.

We arrived at the park about 10 minutes before the gates opened. We were surrounded by kids and physics packets, which to my surprise I didn't see many throughout the rest of the day. We headed straight to El Toro, the one coaster I have been anticipated the most for the past couple years. We walked all the way up to the station to see only people waiting for the first 2 cars, the back 4 cars were completely empty. I grabbed my girlfriends hand, and headed to the very back of the train. I kind of knew what to expect from POV's, she didn't have a clue. El Toro is the first roller coaster that has forced me to actually scream. The whole ride was so intense in the back, I never had a chance to catch my breath. After our first ride I looked over at her, and could see that she wasn't going to be up for another ride. Thank god I brought the Kindle along so she could have some entertainment while I rode as many times as my body could handle. Got 11 rides in the day, and at one point I didn't have to move my butt for three consecutive rides. I loved that roller coaster so much, it easily took my number 1 spot. Not only is it number 1, there is nothing even close to it at this point. We got Holiday Nights coming up so I'm hoping for a new number 1 with the voyage.

Next we headed to Kingda Ka. I was finally excited to ride it and determine which I liked better, Dragster or Ka. It was easy and clear to me after one ride, dragster was the better of the two. Kingda Ka was fun, but so so rough going up the hill. It also seems to crest the hill a lot slower and almost pauses at the top before you drop. The anticipation isn't even close to dragster either, which in my opinion is one of the biggest components of Strata-coasters. It was really cool though when we first approached the park in our car. You could only see the lower half of Kingda Ka due to all the fog.

We headed over to Runaway Mine Train next, rode it once and moved on. Not much else to say about it.

We walked on to Bizzaro next with 2 front seat rides. We both loved that coaster, I couldn't believe how re-ridable it was with all the inversions. I felt fine every time we got off the coaster which is not what I can say for The Great American Scream Machine. One ride on that was one ride too many.

Grabbed a quick bite to eat and walked on to the front seat of Skull Mountain. We liked the ride overall, it was really dark and the illuminated skull was very cool looking.

Headed to Dark Knight next, got a quick ride in and moved on. It was fun for a indoor wild mouse, but the ride defiantly didn't live up to the pre show.

Nitro actually had a station wait so we had to wait 3 cars or so. I was pretty excited to jump on this, I usually like B&M hypers. Got a ride in the front and back, and overall I have to say I was kind of disappointed. It was fun ride, the back was better than the front, but defiantly didn't live up to Apollo's Chariot or Diamondback. After the MCBR the ride is such a bore.

Walked onto Batman for 2 quick rides. The ride operator was kind enough to not make us walk the whole line, and just jump into another row which no one was in after our first ride. 2 back to back rides was plenty for us on this.

We headed to Superman next, but to our surprise that was the one ride that actually did have a line. It was running probably a 45 minute wait or so, so we moved on. A few more rides on El Toro, and we called it a day leaving at about 5:15.

Had a great day at the park, and noticed a lot of things that I loved about it over CF parks. We went to Cedar Points opening weekend, and our whole experience was completely ruined by things that Six Flags prevented. We were ditched in line by probably 20 teenagers in Mavericks line, all of them having those damn basketballs! I was completely amazed when I saw no annoying basketballs or oversized stuff animals in the lines. What was even more amazing was security in the actual line over seeing things. 2 things that I've never seen at CP or KI. It seemed like Great Adventure was actually staffed correctly, and we defiantly noticed it. We enjoyed everything at the park and can't wait to go back.

Ride Count-
El Tore -11
Kingda Ka-1
Runaway Mine Train-1
Skull Mountain-1
Dark Knight-1

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Superman almost always has a line even on slow days because of how popular it is and the very slow dispatches. Many times the 2nd train is waiting on the brake run while they are either still checking restraints or having to go back and adjust the foot bars on a seat.

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Glad you had a great adventure in New Jersey.

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Glad you had a great time :-) Even after 4 years El Toro is still my #1

Is Houdini open up again yet or is that still closed?

MythMaker9 said:
Is Houdini open up again yet or is that still closed?

I've been only twice this year, but it hasn't been open either time. I never saw it open on eight visits to the park last year, but I did hear that it operated occasionally.

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Glad to see I've got another Toro convert. :) Nothing like that ride, is there? LOL Great Adventure really isn't bad until a little bit later in the season. I've actually gotta get out there soon or it will never happen. Also glad to see that you got quite a few back seat rides in, as that is DEFINITELY the best seat in the house (though there really isn't a BAD seat).

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(though there really isn't a BAD seat).

El Toro is my favorite ride on the planet, but I judiciously avoid the front seat..unless I'm with someone who hasn't rode and/or insists. That happened twice to me last summer. That seat does absolutely nothing for me. Back seat right side is my home away from home. I also rode front seat once during my 90-ride marathon on Easter Sunday this year.

I was thinking about going tomorrow, but there's some things more packing for my four park coaster trip! I leave Wednesday for Ohio.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

MythMaker9 said:
Is Houdini open up again yet or is that still closed?

It wasn't open on the 24th when we were there, but vaguely remember seeing a sign in front of it saying it would open late May.

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