Great Adventure, 4/24/10 , Dorney Park 5/2/10

I didn't want to create yet another thread for a Great Adventure trip report last week so I figured I would post it with the Dorney trip report from today

Great Adventure, 4/24/10
I originally wanted to go to the park on Sunday 4/25 but with a concert,finding out it was Boy and Girl Scout weekend and seeing a horrible weather forecast I took a chance going to the park today knowing it might be crowded with the Scouts at the park.

I got to the park a little before opening and went to Nitro at ropedrop. I didn't realize near the flashpass building was another rope drop area. 3 trains were running and I got on the 2nd train of the day.After the initial rush died down, the ride was a 1 train wait and I was able to stay on for 1 re-ride.

Batman was next with the line just out of the station, by the time I exited the ride I saw the line was just to the end of the tunnel. It looked like crowds were picking up.

The Skyway was listed as being closed but the left side was open and had less than a 5 minute wait so I skipped Skull Mountain to takea dvantage of the short wait. I expected a huge line at the Log Flume but was shocked to find a 2 minute wait. I wanted to get to Bizarro before lines got bad and went there next. 3 trains running and was a 2train wait. Loading was kind of slow with double stacking.

Near the Log Flume a school marching band starts walking through thewalkway in near Best of the West and Runaway Mine Train. It wasn't aparade or anything and was kind of strange to see just show up like that. They had people marching with the school sign and everyone was in band outfits.

Runaway Mine Train was a walk on, I got 3 rides and went back to the Log Flume since it only up to a 5 minute wait. I rode twice and figured I would try Kingda Ka. The switchbacks were completely full and the line was a little past that. It had to be at least an hour which I don't think is worth it.

Scream Machine had 2 trains running, the line was a little past the stairs and was around 10 minutes. From Scream Machine I saw Superman had both sets of switchbacks full and the line was right near the turnaround so that was around 45 minutes to an hour. I forgot how little leg room there is in the back row of each car it wasn't that comfortable.

The Parachutes had 2 sides open but looked to be at least 20 minutes.It seemed like lines were going to be a problem so I figured I would check the rides in Lakefront and Movietown and then leave. I was going to skip Blackbeard's but it was about a minute wait so I figured I might as well get in line. This is where I ran into the most idiotic people I have seen at the park this year. A mother is forcing her son to ride, he doesn't want to and refuses to get into the train, holding the ride up. The father goes and forces the boy to ride. Then he takes out a video camera to film the ride. After the train is dispatched theop sees it and says on the microphone to put the camera away. He ignored the ride op and after 1 lap, they stop the train in the station and make the father and son exit the ride after a supervisor tells them no cameras are allowed on the ride. I was hoping they would get thrown out of the park. They had to recheck the whole train and gave us another full cycle of 2 laps.

I was also surprised to see Buccaneer had next to no line so I stopped there. At the end of the ride the ride op makes the usual announcement about upgrading to a season pass. Some people thought the ride op had said that the everyone on the ride was getting upgraded to season passes for free and they starting looking for their tickets. This isn't Year of a Million Dreams at Disney, so I don't know how they could have thought that.

Skull Mountain had a line well into the cave and had to be at least 25minutes. Not worth it and I figured Nitro would have a huge line but I stopped and saw it was a little past the stairs. Less than a 10 minute wait for row 7. Batman was stuck on the lift for around 5 minutes, thent hey shut down the ride for another 15 minutes. I went back for another Nitro ride, checked The Dark Knight's line which looked to be around 25- 30 minutes and saw Batman had reopened with the line into the switchbacks outside the tunnel which was too long for me (I hate waiting in that hot stairway).

I'm glad I got to the park at opening since I wouldn't have been able to get as many rides in as I did and even though lines weren't horrible later on, I didn't feel like waiting in them so left after a little less than 4 hours in the park.

Dorney Park, 5/2/10
I originally thought I was going to miss opening weekend but ended up being close to the park today and figured I might as well run over to get some coaster rides in. I got there a little after 6:30 and with an8:00 closing, I didn't have much time but as expected the park was dead.

Talon was first as usual. 2 trains running and a walk on for any row except the front. I forgot how much more intense Batman is but I still like Talon a lot better because of the layout and the immelman.

Thunder Canyon and White Water Landing were both closed and drained. Wild Mouse had no one at all waiting which is such a rare sight to see so I had to stop there next. I prefer the Dark Knight but it is still fun without await.

Hydra only had 1 train running but was a walk on for the middle rows. I saw Thunder Creek Mountain was also closed but it looked like that was because of Demon Drop, I hope they are able to open it up before Demon Drop since it would be a shame to have it closed until July or August. I expected the run out part of Demon Drop to be longer and look forward to it opening even though it looks like they have along way to go.

Dominator was also a walk on, I rode the Turbo Drop side twice, the 2nd time was a solo ride.

Thunderhawk had 1 train running but was a walk on for the front with just 2 other people waiting for the back row. I walked around and had a solo ride again in the front row.

Steel Force had 2 trains running, 1train wait for the front row and last rows, everything else was a walk on. I waited the extra train for the front since it is usually an extra3 - 5 train wait if not more. I went back for another ride.

Voodoo was closed the entire time I was at the park.

With less than 15 minutes left I walked back to Talon, got another walk on and just got in line again as they went to close off the entrance at7:58.

Other than the hot and humid weather, Voodoo and the water rides closed it was a good trip. For some reason every year on my first trip of the season, it isn't as great as I am expecting. I still had fun but I think the problem is that after going to Great Adventure fort he past 5 weeks and having the off season over for the same 5 weeks takes away some of the excitement of going to Dorney. I know in thes ummer when Great Adventure gets jammed and Dorney has little to no waits I'll feel differently.

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