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Having never been to fright fest at great adventure we decided to take a trip up there last saturday. We knew from the weather forecast that this would be a very busy day, and we were not off on this at all.

We arrived right at the rope drop and immediately went to get in line for a Q-Bot (wish they had a q-bot for the q-bot line:) we did the double ride thing with Q-bot, by queing up the Q-Bot and getting in the regular line, riding once, then riding our Q-botted ride. Did that for chiller, batman, and nitro then we went off to the other side of the park to ride superman. when we queued up for superman our Q-bot told us we had a 40 min wait to ride. We went to GASM and rode immediately as it was still a walk on, then went over to spongebob to find a line longer than our alloted time was to ride superman. so we hung out and waited....time flew! As we went thru the gift shop and out into the open area below superman we saw an astounding site, the ENTIRE queue was full all the way to the door exiting the pass thru the building. Up the Q-bot entrance we went and had a 2 train wait in the station to ride. As usual superman delivers incredible g forces in the pretzel loop, and a nice flying sensation. Upon exiting the gift shop, i noticed the revised ride time estimate of 2 hours, and the Q-bot actually estimated a higher wait of 2.5 hours.

We also rode medusa, runaway train, and taz twister. We saw several of their shows including the circus freak show which featured a fire eater, human blockhead (nails and ice picks into nasal cavity) and Ravi the "dead snake boy" who is a contortionist who's able to twist himself into impossible directions. He and his wife were performers in the coney island circus side show. we saw earlier during an ACE coney Island day.

We went up near superman just before dusk to see how long the line was, it was almost to spongebob, I imagine the wait was closer to 3 hours. we decided to head for the batman stunt show and que up for the hayride near there prior to seeing the show, our wait was 50 mins, just enough time to see the show and then hit the hayride.

We saw the Dead Mans party show which was pretty enjoyable even though it appeared that they were pulling an Ashley Simpson on vocals.......

Literally every ride we rode was being run by quick polite employees that were so professional and courteous you would have sworn you were in Cedar Point! We were quite impressed that most rides were in operation also, with the exception of the space shuttle, cows, eruption, big wheel, and one side of chiller (robin) and of course all water rides.

BTW one of the shop employees noted that they had approximately 42,000 people in the park, and that was quite believable!


Hmmm I went Friday night. Rode only one coaster, Superman, as the wait for that ride was somewhat bearable. The wait and lines for the rest of the rides, impossible!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Same thing at SFA as well.

By day the park is relatively empty but that all changed by late afternoon/early least Batwing has had two trains going the past couple of weekends that I've been there.

rentzy17 said:
Wow. Fright Fest this year is sure bringing in the crowds. Glad you had fun. Did you see Kingda Ka construction or any Kingda Ka merchandise?

Kinda Ka is currently taller than Viper and Rolling Thunder. The only merchandise they have are the same style of shirts given out at the Media Announcement. 11.99 s to XL 13.99 for XXL they're olive green with orange and yellow artwork and etc.

KINGDA KA on the front and



So they are selling shirts that imply that Kingda Ka eats it? Wow. I guess they dont have very high hopes for the ride ;)

lata, jeremy

--bummed out that there was no event @ GAdv this year

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