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Somewhat of a good day and a bad day. The six of us got to the park at around 12:00. The forcast was calling for heavy rain throughout the day but luckly we did not get hit with anything major. The first thing we noticed when we got into the park was it was totally empty. We decided to go on Superman first because it was closest to the entrance. There was about a 2 train wait for the middle two rows and got our ride. Right after the first ride on Superman my friend noticed that his phone fell out of his pocket while we were on the ride [the idiot that he is] and we ended up trying to look for it for about 15 minutes to no prevail. So after Superman, we went to Scream Machine where there was a station wait for the first three rows. We went on two times and could of went on more but we all had a headache and had to relax for a little while. So we got something to eat and played some arcade games. El Toro had a wait right at the bottom of the stairs with only 1 train running so we ended up waiting 10 minutes for the last three rows. After are first ride, we saw that there was no line so we just stayed in are seast for another 4 rides. After El Toro we played some more arcade games and did other stuff. King Da Ka was about a 5 minute wait for the middle three rows. This was my first time on Ka so I was a little nervous but boy was it amazing. We went on a total of three straight times with only a 5 minute wait each time. After Ka, we went towards Bizarro where there was only a station wait but ended up waiting 10 minutes. We got the middle two rows and went on another 3 straight times. After Bizarro we went back to the locker near Superman to get out stuff and then went back on Superman a another two times. After Superman, we went on this 4D kind of ride which was pretty cool I guess and then went on El Toro another three times. We decided to then go towards Nitro but on are way, the girls wanted to see the dolphin show so we went with them. While we were waiting for the show to start, it started to rain a bit. My two friends and I didn't really wanna sit in the rain so we went on Nitro while the other three watched the show. Nitro had a station wait with 2 trains running so we ended up waiting 5 minutes. After our ride, we met up with other three and went back to Nitro. We went on a combinded 8 straight times and then went on Batman 3 times. Now it was about 5:00 and we had four of our friends driving up from Staten Island. While we were getting something to eat, we overheard these two older ladies saying that there was going to be no fright fest. At first we didn't believe them but then we asked someone that worked at the park and he said that the park was closing at 7 because of the weather and low crowd. At this point, we were all upset and mad for two three reasons. The first reason was by the time we called up are four friends to tell them that the park was closing at 7, they were already in the park so they were only going to be able to have a couple of hours in the park. The second reason was because the main reason we were going in the first place was for fright fest and there was going to be maybe an hour of it. And the third reason was that our ride home was the bus and the bus guy said there was nothing he can do and wasen't going to pick us up until 10:30. We ended up getting one of the kids parents to come out and pick us all up. The last two hours we had in the park were acually really fun tho. We got 5 more rides on both Nitro and El Toro and experienced a little fright fest. All in all: A really good day. The weather held off and we got on tons of rides multiple times. It would of been much better if the park stayed open till 11 and we got to see more fright fest but still a fun day.

Does anyone no whats going on with Six Flags Great Adventure for next season if its going to close down or not because I'm hearing from many people that theres a good chance that the park is going to close. I'm planning to get a season ticket if it dosen't close but I would like to find out first whats going on if its going to stay open or not. Thanks.

Ride total

Nitro- 14x

El Toro- 12x

Superman- 3x

Scream Machine- 2x

Bizarro- 3x

King Da Ka- 3x

4D ride- 1x

Batman- 3x

Skull Mountain- 1x

Total- 42 rides


The park is closing all the rides will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Not!!!

Just kidding the park isn't closing and whoever told you that is a moron and probably thinks there is only 1 Six Flags. And since it filed for Bankrucpy its closing.

As for closing early on the 17th we only had about 1200 people in the park


yeah I figured that it was going to remain open. Do you know anything about future roller coaster plans for the park?

I've heard nothing about a new coaster for this year. I know they are doing some stuff over at the Harbor. New slide and possible new place to eat.

I hope they do maintenance at the park and fix a lot of trouble spots.


I heard Hurricane Harbor (NJ) is getting a funnel slide. It could use a few upgrades.

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