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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 12:55 PM
I went to Six Flags Great Adventure May 28th and what a great day it was. I got my season pass and headed right for Batman:Tr this ride was so fast today a good ride as usual.

The chiller was next it was the Batman side, (robins train wasn't even on the track ) really good ride alot smoother then robin. Next I hopped on to Scream Machine. I though it was a good ride but not one of my favorites.

Medusa was next incredable! It is not as smooth as last year but it made it much better.(walk on went twice)

After I had some lunch I went on rolling thunder. This is in very poor condition, but has so much airtime, it was very cool.

I then went on skull mountain,because I never tryed it, and I wont again. Boring!

Next was it THE coaster Nitro! After an hour and 20 min wait my friend and i were on the second to last row. Best coaster we both have ever been on. Words can't describe this coaster so i wont say any more. This was a very good day at Sfgadv!

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