Great Adventure - Veterans Day 2019

This was the first time that I can remember that Great Adventure was open in November during Veterans Day.

It truly was right after the Halloween stuff and the Christmas theming was starting to go up. (The tree in the fountain was only halfway decorated.)

The weather was fantastic for November. Almost 60 degrees...although it would dip into the 20s on Tuesday. The crowds were very light. I am not going to do the ride-by-ride thing, but I made a few observations:

1) New Jersey Schools were open. Apparently there was an educational convention the following week and some schools were off. I don't know...but staffing was very light.

2) As expected it opened at 11 AM, but the rides weren't up an rocking until...11:30, 11:45, 12:00 ish. Of course the water rides were down, but too many things were just not ready to go. I didn't see Toro running or testing. No tango. A few others were either down for the count or just not opening at all.

3) As I was pulling into the lot...there were quite a few "Diamond Elite Folks (I guess) going into the preferred lot. I was fine and quite comfortable by the "S" in the Superman station.

4) Even with the limited crowd there was the chorus of time-share hawkers making their pitch. (No thanks)

5) No line for the sky-ride. When did that ever happen.

I stayed for a few hours and then headed to Asbury Park to play pinball.

On the boardwalk I saw tons of fish in the water attacking tiny bait fish making the water boil. It was a fisherman's dream. But that's another story for a different web site.

Thank you for reading this.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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