Great Adventure - April 14, 2014 - Why Am I Always On The Wrong Line

Good Early Morning Everyone!

I didn't want to blindside Mike G and Bunky on their recent report - so I decided to start another thread - make a few comments - share a few thoughts and get out of the way.

Spring Break Day - Sunny & windy reaching the 70s

Lot - Less than 1/4 tanks (busses)

Rides first and nonsense later...

Nitro - Like many rides did not open on time. It took about another 20 minutes. A little shakey gong through the course but lots of floater air. Was able to do my infamous "one cheek sneak" and got three rides without leaving the platform. (Was noticed by the guy in the photo booth on my way down.) Nitro is a nice way to start the season. Winter was rough in the NY /NJ area and I could almost picture the snow pile-ups in the park.

Bumper Cars - I usually don't do the b cars at Great Adventure. The cars were responsive but the track was too small for the amount of guests it serves.

Sky Screamer - I like this one, but once I was on or close to the height of the great wheel (no single riders on that one) the wind was hard which made it a bit scary. This is a must do if you haven't already. A ride op was training two new emplyees on what to do and say and what to look for.

Sky Ride - Not working. Later in the day they would test it, but it was a no go. No water rides at all and the log flume looked dirty as they were working on the empty and dry main platform.

Deja Vu - (Scrambler) - Got up to a nice speed and felt great - only to have it slow down and stop about a minute later. Another person working this thing would have been nice to help with loading.

Tango - Only needs one op. I like this but too short.

Green Lantern - For some reason I liked it better this time (I was able to anticipate turns and minimize head banging.) Tough to get into but the ride op was helpful. Saved about 15 minutes taking the single-rider option.

I may have done a few other flats, but nothing memorable.

What's This About Wrong Lines:

Getting to the park was easy - but getting into it was another mess. Lines were forming in front of the lanes, but only a few lanes would open. This left people who were early in line...stuck and forced to "cut in" to other lanes. It was sloppy and ugly.

I was unprepared for this trip and I should have known better. I went on a ticket line and was about to buy a 1 day ticket.

"but for only ten dollars more, you can get a seaons pass and also have entry to the water park."

"Ok...I'll do it."

"Great here's your vouchere."

"What do I do with it?"

"Take voucher to gate entry and they will give you your pass."

People were lined up andready to rock. Unfortunately, when the gates came up...not all of them did and those who were early on one line, had to merge with the others. Again it was sloppy, ugly and poorly planned.

The lines itself were moving very slowly through the gate because of this new finger scanner thing that was slower than dirt. I give the lady my finger and it took a few tries defore it was ok.

Now the rope drop was not in the places it was held last year. THis year it was up to the fountain. So you could not go and get a flash pass at this time. THat could be after the rope drop.

On the western side, we were told that if you have a seasons pass go over to the right side. All others stay in the center. Again nobody was checking and almost everyone complied.

When the rope dropped a lot of people on my side of the fountain headed to Nitro or Batman. These rides would open up about 15 to 20 minutes later.

Now that I had my pass I had to get it validated to use coupons, discounts, etc. That line was in one of the tents (I think where the old Nintendo demos used to be.)

That line was very long and slow moving and I have to tell you...only one employee was there to listen to the complaints about the line...explain to people why the line was needed and to explain that concerns will be addressed at customer service. I felt bad for the guy. Lambs to the slaughter.

The line was over an hour and a half. People were mad and complaining to each other about the lack of customer service.

Finally it was my turn. I can have my card validadted once I entered my personal information to the computer. Then I was told that in order to add the parking (I don't charge my guests 25 bucks a shot to park when they come to visit me). Oh we can do just have to speak with the lady with another line of angry people in front of her.

"Oh I can do that. Parking on the pass is $65."

"Ok...but can you take off $25?"

"I don't understand sir."

"I already paid $25 dollars to park already today."

"Oh...for that you will have to ask customer service."

"But they said you would be able to take care of that for me."

"No sir...customer services does that...but I can't garantee that they will do it."


"All I can do is to add the meal plan or the parking to your card."

"I'm sure that if you show customer service the recipt from today's parking, they will refund you the 25 dollars."

"Are you sure?"

"I can't garantee what customer service does, but they are the ones who handle refunds."

"I'll take my chances..."

Except that the receipt was in my car. Back out the gate...back to the car... and that's when I saw her....

In the middle of all the chaos and the noise - sitting right next to me in the parking lot was a woman I will never forget.

I didn't ask her name, I didn't talk to her, all I have to say is this is the Grandmother of the year. SHe was sitting in her car, reading a book. She must have taken her grandchildren here and was not paying admission because she wasn't riding anything. At that moment, she was the most self-sacrificing person I have ever not actually met. She was, "The Guardian of the Car!"

Anyway after a long trip back and forth...they hemmed and hawed and made me fillout a form just to get my $25 back.

Time for one more ride or two and then out the door for the ride home. 2 hours to get there and 5 hours back. (Because some idiot knocked into a powerline pole near my house and hte last three miles took 3 hours per mile. Lots of blue lights.

Two other things:

The Fish At Great Adventure Are Stupid

I love watching the fish and turtles swimming around the lake head near the Best of the West restaurant. I didn't have any bread, but I noticed that when I (Excuse this visual) Launched some pheglem into the lake, the finny I noticed that they couldn't wait to rise from the shadows and slurp it in.

It was as funny as it was disgusting. (I swear at one point they were fighting over it)

New Bathroom Additions:

While the park was mostly clean (except for the film on top of the pond near the Best of the West Restaurant) the bathrooms got a new addition.

Plants! I don't know if they were fake, but there in the tiled corridor was a large planter with plants. Whatever. Perhaps this was an idea stolen from Charmland.

Have a great night and thanks for reading this.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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I love when various vertebrates fight over my bodily fluids....

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