Great Adventure - 2007 Early Ride TIme For Seaon Pass Folks

Once again, it's mixed signals coming from above. Yeah, we're going to be family-friendly. BTW, here's our newest perk, Extreme Coaster Mornings.

Most typical families with smaller kids won't take part (note to Gonch, I said TYPICAL). Families with older kids could do it sparingly, depending on the parents' vacation schedules.

But given the history, an hour of ERT means 12-15 trains per ride. By the time you get off the first ride, the line for the second will exceed an hour, if ERT hasn't already ended. Hopefully for the SP holders, 9 AM is when the ride opens, not just the line for the ride.

Hehehe... The last time I visited SFGadv during the week, the park was packed by 9:00am by both families *and* teenagers.

This is SFGadv we're talking about here, I believe it's still the highest attended seasonal park in the US.

This isnt anything new well for the park at least.

This helps get people out of the park earlier so more can get in. If I do this i usually get out about an hour or two earlier then if i didnt ride the rides earlier.

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