Grand Texas will open water park next Memorial Day, amusement park the year after that

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Grand Texas officials have announced that the tentative opening date for the water park component is Memorial Day 2015. Plans are to open the amusement park, with designs for five roller coasters, around Memorial Day 2016.

Read more from KTRK/Houston.

I have been watching this closely. At this time I am VERY tentatively planning a Texas trip for summer 2016.

schlitterbahn, Sea World, Fiesta Texas, SFOT, and this place if it opens.

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If you're in the Houston area, don't miss Kemah - BBullet is TGG's answer to GCI's twisters...not even Hershey's Wildcat ever ran like that...

Cool. I will add that to the list! The current plan looks something like..

Leave Iowa.. stop in at WoF for the missing Prowler credit (it was closed the night I went last year).

Then to Dallas from there for SFoT

Then to Houston for Grand Texas and I will add Kemah now.

Then to San Antonio area for Schlitterbahn, Sea World and Fiesta Texas..

And a forever long drive back home.

Is Frontier City worth the stop? Other than for credit whoring purposes? I will be driving right by it.

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Frontier City, only visited once over a decade ago. One of two locations to ride a Vaszin wooden coaster (the other is Chapultepec). There's also a Schwarzopf looper (the only looping star model left in the US), and an Arrow shuttle loop - anyone remember those?

There's a Herschell kiddie that replaced the old Herschell I'm going to assume you'll still need a child to ride with you; and a family inverted. Have to say, with Chance being located up the road in Wichita, I'd have gone with theirs before picking up the Vekoma, but that's just me....

I remember an old-style non-interactive dark ride that was pretty cool, and a couple other flats, but I recall someone telling me that they'd gotten rid of their S&S slingshot (erUPtion) that was included in the POP.

NOT the friendliest of parks...but like I said, I was there a LONG time ago. For me, the question goes like this : "Do I plan to be in Oklahoma again?" If not, spend a few hours and have some fun at a park you may never have the opportunity to visit again - like me with Bell's...

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I will probably stop by for a few hours then. I will have my daughter along..but she might be too tall at age 7. Anyway, I hope this Grand Texas thing turns out to be cool but I really want to see the coaster lineup.

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