Grand National recreated in RCT

Posted | Contributed by Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin

Steve Franks has finished work on his recreation of Pleasure Beach's Grand National.

Isn't Grand National already in RCT?If I'm correct (and I know I am) it's in the Blackpool pleasure Beach scenerio of  LL.
Yes, it is BATWING, I'm not sure why this is news, but oh well.
Grand National is in RCT, designed by Chris Sawyer, but this is a newer, more accurate recreation of the ride.
RCT Station - Home of Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs -
Thats a very accurate recreation job well done.
Very accurate, I would like to see if he can make a good recreation of Son Of Beast.

18 Parks in 2001 Season.

You can always request it.  Just send Steve an email -

RCT Station - Home of Steve Franks' Real World Track Packs -

If you look at the workbench, you can see the Chris Sawyer's recreation of in a lonely corner.  Most of Chris Sawyer recreations were not accurate so many people have redone them.  Thanks Steve for getting Grand National down to every detail.(My little sister can recreate the Pepsi Max Big One and Steeplchase better than Chris Sawyer, well at least he tried.  About the Venkoma headbanger(Limit), didn't Chris Sawyer know it has five inversions, that has to be one of the easiest coasters to recreate.

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