Gröna Lund video testing new twister woodie

The first drop looks really good. I believe once this breaks in, could be quite a ride. The trains are especially retro looking to.

Here is the video.

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Very neat how they were able to design that ride in such a confined space through the other roller coasters around it. Looks like a very nice ride.

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It's very "Cornball Express." Bet it packs a lot of surprises.

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What a beautiful little ride. I love the white painted steel structure. The trains are lovely too. Well done!

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Yeah, the odd combination of white supports, natural wood track and red wooden handrails really pops. I dig it.

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It has an old school woodie vibe to it. But with a crazy looking modern design. Can't wait to see it once its broken in!

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This park always peaked interest to me with it's compact coaster designs that interact with each other... this coaster is no exception

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It seems like it has a couple mini drops too. Neat ride!

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