got2b hair products (Six Flags sponsor)

Six Flags parks have signs up advertising the got2b hair styling products.

I noticed in the top corner of the sign that got2b is part of the Schwarzkopf company.

Is this the same Schwarzkopf that has installed coasters or at least in the same family?

Just curious.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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I've wondered the same thing, but I can't find anything that says they are. Anton Schwarzkopf's father's business made trailers for the circus and it sounds like he was an only child since he took over his father's business and later focused it on making roller coasters. His son, too, is in the industry somewhere, so he couldn't have started a hair care line either. Hmmmm...

I did find a really interesting Schwarzkopf website though: and a rendering of the 'Anton hyper' here:


From what I understand, Schwarzkopf is like "Smith" in the United States, a very popular name. I personally use Got2b glued, it's a spin-off company of Mennen, as the addresses are the same on the containers, nothing to do with amusement rides/parks.

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I picked-up a sample of Got2b glued at the Tony Hawk exhibition at Six Flags America last year and really liked it so much I picked-up a whole tube. I found out it works better than a polmade, and really does last a whole day. And, if you have a CVS in your area, they have a generic version for less money that works just as effectively.
As a teen I used Elmer's Glue to hold up my mohawk, but now-a-days I use Got2B Glue...

But I don't have my mohawk anymore.

It's the best product for what it does, hold up spikey hair all day, all night, and all the next day if necessary. I found that when I used Got2B Glue, I'd wake up with the same hairstyle I slept with.

What does Got2B hair products have to do with SF and why do they find it necessary to be partners? Corn nuts, okay. Wii, maybe. Got2Be???

And now, from got2b: the loudest, most self-serving ad you've heard all day! You see, at got2b we're so in love with our own "blah blah blah's" and "blank-ety blanks" ad lines that we've hired the loudest announcer we could find, so you'll be blasted with all our "got2b-this" and "got2b-that" you'll just have to go out and buy our "blah blah blah." want more "blah blah blah?" visit dub-ya, dub-ya, dub-ya dot got2b dot com!

Thank you, Superman operator position.

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