Got Evaced Off Of Indiana Jones

This is a little late, I was there for the all-nighter.

Last time I rode this, I was unimpressed. This time, well, really unimpressed on the first ride.

The ride broke down. Our vehicle went through several "attempts to start and stalls". After several minutes, the vehicle just shut down.

Where we were stuck, there was NO audio announcements to be heard from our location. I don't know the ride that well, but it was not to far after the shooting darts from the wall scene.

We were just sitting there, with the rest in our vehicle, trying to make the most of the situation. I'm fairly certain we were in a section with video surveillance, and I forget exactly what I did, but I tried to convey that those of us in that vehicle had no idea what was going on. It wasn't but a couple of minutes and a cast member came up to give us some worthless feedback; but at least we now felt we were not forgotten about.

This situation could have been really REALLY bad if the people in the vehicle were not so easy going as they were. Through out the situation, everyone was mostly laughing about the misfortune.

I took a couple of pics after the evac, and the ride out. I don't have a place to host them at the moment, and I don't know if I can upload them to this site. I think I know how the rolling stone ball effect works after this unexpected behind the scenes visit though.

But now I sorta start to get to the point of my post.

We got fast passes(2 ... read on) for our inconvenience. One of these was used to get back into Indiana Jones. The ride broke down AGAIN as we were in Que. We had gotten into Que just before 6am so it was our last ride of the day/night/morning 24hr thing. We decided to wait it out as leaving meant heading back to the parking lot.

The ride opened back up.

On the first ride, the big snake on the right, was in front of the vehicle when it struck. On this ride, the snake was still recoiled back as we WHHIIIZZZZEEEEEDDDDD past it! "WTF ride am I on?", I think to myself.

That extra vehicle speed turned that ride from ... meh ... to rockin! It sure is hard to visually see any problems with the effects with the extra vehicle speed; everything goes by to fast. In addition, the extra speed adds extra forces as the vehicle leans so you feel you actually have to hang on!

So, to me, this explains why my experiences with this ride have been so mixed. If they have the vehicle speed tweaked up, you get a SIGNIFICANTLY different ride then with that knob turned to 1.


My sister was not happy at all with the break down. We spent about an hour overall due to the breakdown. We went to customer service and explained that it was great we have a fast pass ... but what about our hour lost? We had used a fast pass to ride the ride the first time.

I may not be making this clear, but the bottom line is that with the time spent we rode zero rides, when if it had not broken down we would have been able to ride two. So, one fast pass really only helped our situation halfway.

The Disney customer service agreeded and we got another fast pass.

I will do everything I can to attend next years all-nighter if Disney holds the event.

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Expedition Everest broke down for me on the reverse lift (where the lame Yeti animation occurs on the wall). We were out in a half-hour, in what was probably the most epic walk-down I've had. They were nutty about cameras, so unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the inside of the mountain. It was way cool, however.

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To facilitate the walk-down, did they turn on any interior lights that wouldn't normally have been on?

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Out of curiosity, why do you suppose all the nuttiness about taking pictures during such a situation (Jeff)?

At least this didn't happen. :)

Disney generally forbids taking pictures of "off-stage" areas. I was walked out of Splash Mountain a few years ago, out the back of the show building. I can't remember a big fuss about cameras, but we weren't there very long.

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I guess they don't want you spoiling the magic.

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Evacuated has an abbreviated slang. It's not in the dictionary. It is pronounced E-vaked, with the short 'a' vowel sound. It is the past tense of the word evacuate, minus the last two syllables (uate.) Evac(uat)ed.

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I would spell it evacced, the other way it looks like should rhyme with vase to me. Since it's not really a word, I guess it's a judgment call. I doubt there's anyone here that doesn't know exactly what he meant.


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I would spell it evac'd. Maybe, but that doesn't seem that right, either.

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LostKause said:

Evacuated has a abbreviated slang. It's not in the dictionary. It is pronounced E-vaked, with the short 'a' vowel sound. It is the past tense of the word evacuate, minus the last two syllables (uate.) Evac(uat)ed.

Oh yeah for some reason I didn't connect the title to his story. Because "evace" looks like it could be a real word.

I got s-vaced the other night...

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