Got a season pass today

Today I purchased a Six Flags Season Pass by going to ****link removed**** and I got $10 of iTunes downloads.

It's pretty sweet deal cuz I was going to get the season pass anyways, and I got some free music.

Has anybody else done this?

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Nice... this is what Six Flags is stooping to. Having their ad agency spam coaster sites.

If Six Flags wants to buy ads on CoasterBuzz, then buy ads. Don't spam.

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Nice catch, Jeff. :)

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That is so pathetic, it is laughable. Next thing you know, they'll start sending out spam links to the Six Flags dating site.
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Don't give them any ideas! ;)


haha.. 1 post, and registered just to make it.. how blatant. I mean, I've done the whole Home Depot card thing (which has popped up before) but I'm not about to link to it... sheesh. If people really care that much, they can PM me (or, even better, contact SF!)

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Interesting, you sign up to be part of their affiliate program and never receive a response but they have the balls to spam a website. Now if they would only take down the Fright Fest signs in my local Home Depot store.

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^Those signs aren't seasonal. They're just advertising for next year. ;)

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