Goon goes Big apple pt.1 Coney Island 7/19/01

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Tuesday, August 7, 2001 1:32 PM
I looked out the window of the plane. It was a foggy, gloomy day. The cloud of haze that encircled the World Trade Center robbed it of its sheer size and power. The plane landed at LaGuardia airport bright and early at 9:00 A.M. We immediately rushed to the luggage claim and claimed our belongings without many hassles. It was then on to newstand to buy a Metrocard. The next step in our vacation was to "bus it" to our hotel. After a relaxing ride that offered scenic views of the New York skyline and the accompanying traffic, we arrived in Harlem. From Harlem, it was a quick ride on a subway train to our hotel on 96th. Our hotel was remarkably spacious(yeah right) and affordable(ha!). After freshening up, it was time to head to Coney Island, and let my family do whatever the heck they were there to do.

After waiting in what felt like Hades, I boarded a 1 train to times square, then I maneuvered through the labryinth of a station in order to board a B,Q,W, or M train. From there on, it was to the next stop to connect the H,G or D train to connect(via walkway) with the O,A, or the X train that runs parallel with the Y or L train, that runs express on all N stations. Ok, so I'm exaggerating, but that's what reading the map felt like to me. After a relaxing ride,(these subways are quiet compared to the Chicago L), I finally reached Coney Island. My first initial reaction to the place was: "who put a carnival in the PJ's!". Being the coaster enthusiast that I am, my first stop from the train was…..

Nathan's Hot Dogs: Ok, we have these in Chicago stores, but store bought foods are never as good as the original(unless it's those TGI Friday's appetizers; those are good!). I paid 6 dollars for a hot dog, fries and lemonade. The hot dog was expectedly good, but the fries were unexpectedly fantastic! Those fries are severely underrated! It was then time to walk around and explore the park. I looked at the Jumbo Jet, but couldn't determine whether it was open or closed. I saw ride ops testing a single train, so I left it alone. After glancing at other flat rides(like the middle aged looking Wonder Wheel), but keeping my hand away from my wallet, I headed towards the….

Cyclone: I looked at the price and were about to have second thoughts, but I talked myself out of it and decided to ride. The ride was a walk-on, and they were running one train. After standing behind a child that was cursing out his mother(anybody have a switch?), I boarded the front seat. The ride itself was smoother than I thought, but out of control. It felt like this ancient relic was booby trapped to throw non-cautious riders from the train. Wow! I took another ride in the back seat and it was even wilder! I was thrown around worse than infants eating food. This ride is proof that history can be exciting!

After walking along the boardwalk to enjoy the ocean,(among other things), it was time to ride the subway back to the hotel. After stopping in Times Square again, it was time to sleep. Until next time…

The next installment of this Trip Report is named, "We're Six Flaggin now!" or "How I visited Six Flags Great Adventure and didn't ride a flat ride.
Tuesday, August 7, 2001 2:20 PM
Rode in the back my first time, talk about ejector-air! Rode alone up near the front second time, is there such a term as ejector-laterals? Two rides, nine dollars? It was worth it to me. Didn't get to Nathan's till two days later on the way back to JFK from SFGAdv, hot-dogs as good as Pink's in L.A., only different.

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