Google Earth Updates with Conneaut Lake and Knoebels

This may have been discussed, but if not, Google has newer shots of both parks.

Quite a lot of unused land at Conneaut Lake, and with the golf course, Knoebels has major potential.

I noticed Knoebels about a month back because I could see the park instead of it being a big green blob. It seems that most of those have been eliminated, althout many parts of the country are still very much outdated. Some of my favorite spots need updating like Wildwood and NYC. Hell, according to Google Earth, construction on the new Yankee Stadium and the Met's CitiField hasn't even started!
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Wow! Look at all that land at Conneaut!

This picture is from early in 2006, I think. Did they ever move the Round Up to the former Yo Yo spot?

Funny, I was always able to see Wildwood and New York OK. What I couldn't see clearly is Busch Gardens Europe and Cedar Point.
I've always been able to see them fine, it's just that the images are outdated.

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