Good time for Cedar Point in next month?

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I haven't been to the park in 11 years, but a friend is wanting to go (my friend Beth who has been bitten suddenly and hard by the coaster 'bug' after Holiwood Nights). So I'm wondering if there are some good or slow days to go in the next few weeks.

I get sketchy about parks (especially the big ones) right about now, b/c school is out/letting out.

PS - I know how to 'work the park' - just need to know the best days to go :)

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Go on a Friday, because then I can join you :) Also, Friday nights used to be slower, if I remember correctly. Haven't had a season pass in a few years, and this ins the 2nd year I haven't gone for a regular day. (Last year, I only did Coasting for Kids)

Sunday is usually a surprisingly good day to go.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

I agree, Sunday is by far the best day to go this time of the season, the park slows down big time around 4pm. Since the park is open until 10pm most Sundays that gives you plenty of time for your favorites. Also if you have a Platinum Pass and stay close Monday mornings ERT is also better than later most in the week.

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^Does the park have ERT at night? I don't do mornings well. Is the ERT 'worth it'? Last time I was at the park, it was 2000 for Coaster Mania. ERT for me was a one hour (1 hour) wait for Millennium Force - that really sucked. I had no idea they give ERT for Platinum Pass folks...


With a platinum pass your in at 9am. Here's how I look at it, you can get 5-7 rides on raptor or 2 rides on MF if your lucky in the morning. I know they do something on Thursdays nights but you'd have to check the website.
If you decide Raptor use the front gate, if you decide MF use the marina gate.

Last year we headed to the park on a Wednesday evening (starlight admission) and a Thursday(combo ticket: soak city/cedar point). Wednesday evening was walk on most rides because of the heat. Thursday morning was 30 minutes waits on the rides, then when we slid over to soak city, it ended up being a waste of money becuase the wait was over an hour for a slide so we basically only got to do the wave pool, lazy river, and action river. Once again in the evening the rides were walk on except Shoot the Rapids, Mille, Maverick. This was like the around July 8th or so.

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