Good news for girl in accident at SFKK

Well its not greatest, but at least she may be able to lead a somewhat normal life. Hope everything works out for her.

Aw, well even with one foot re-attached, there will still be enormous impacts on her future. Think about just trying to exercise, I mean, I know there are some nice prosthetic feet out there, but nothing can quite work right. It just sucks all around....
While it is a tragedy, a.) at least she's young and so she'll have more time to continue to get better! And b.) those springy-type feet people have seem to work really, really well!! Did anyone see that season of the Amazing Race last Fall with that girl who had those?? She did just about everything anyone else did! So you gotta look on the positive side, and believe she will be ok in the end.
Good news?


I have a Cousin who had his leg shot off from the thigh in a hunting accident. He wears a prosthetic leg and you can't even tell it's not real. He does walk with a very noticeable limp but he gets around almost as well as everyone else.

So my question now is how well will a reattached foot heal? After a foot is reattached and fully healed, will it work well enough to allow her to be able to put all of her body weight on it?

I really hope she will turn out okay. When something like this happens to a person, it sometimes makes them very strong willed and they prove to everyone that they can do anything that they want even with a disability, not to mention that she is a kid.

So the ride was in great condition and it is a mystery as to why it malfunctioned? It passed inspection the last 4 years? Sounds fishy to me.

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Considering it could have been worse, it is good news. Still, it's something she shouldn't have ever even thought of dealing with in the first place.
My heart goes out to her.

Interestingly enough, here in Louisville, every news story related to the accident always makes reference to the family's statment. The media is constantly re-itterating the fact that the family says no one from Six Flags Corporate (nor the park itself) has contacted them in any way, shape or form.

The park PR person initially stated that park reps has had attempted to visit the girl at the hospital only to be turned away by family. The family is adamant that no one from the park has ever attempted to contact or visit. The constant re-itterance on the news makes the PR person look like a liar.

This strikes me as posturing for a huge lawsuit. No doubt the family is making public their distaste for the way SF has handled the matter. And who knows if SF actually did try to visit the girl. I cannot fathom that they wouldn't at least attempt.

In the meantime, the park continues to not return calls or address the statments through the media. Probably due to the fact that they've been instructed by council not too. However, at least in local eyes, SFKK is being percieved as non-caring.

Obviously I think they care, but there's been a HUGE outpouring of support from the public here for the girl. Virtually every newscast updates you about her status and condition because people are very concerned for her. In turn, the family has been very vocal about the appreciation they have for the support of the community.

By comparison, SFKK's "non contact" is leaving a horribly bad taste in local's mouths. I expect that unless they address this soon, many Louisvillians will hold it against the park for years to come.

I will also go as far to say that I would not be surprised to see the ride scrapped. Not one single person I have talked with about it (and there's been many... it's a really hot topic in Lou) has any intention of ever riding the attraction again. As a matter of fact, I am not sure I will.

Considering it's the initial prototype 2nd-generation and that SF has not utilized Intamin for subsequent re-furbs or parts since they took over the park, I am none too confident it this attraction as well as others in the park. And this comes from someone who has always been a champion for parks and their attention to safety.

Maybe time will change the current perception, but for now at least, people are gravely concerned about their safety on ANY ride at SFKK.

As a side note, as horrible as this was, if it had to happen, the girl was in a region that has amazing medical facilities. No doubt between the local Louisville hosptials and Vanderbuilt in Tenn, she is getting top-notch care.

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I'm sure the park is under strict orders from their legal counsel to say nothing. Of course the media would never point out that fact, which basically applies to any litigation/lawsuit for anything.

They would rather "sensationalize" the situation are portray the park management in a bad light.

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

Like I said in another post, The lawsuit is a given. For Shapiro himself not to issue a apology for the incident (No Matter who's at fault here) is just plain


I don't know who said what to whom in this case.

But I will say one thing. Unfortunately, our society has regressed to the level that nobody can ever apologize or say I'm sorry for anything that happens, because it's taken as an admission of guilt or liability. Whether it be two people involved, corporations, or countries, we'd rather seek vengeance than find a solution.

I believe that's a big reason why there is so much incivility in this country today. We'd rather fight and sue. But does anyone actually feel better afterwards?

oh you could word things in such a way as to not admit anything.

Dear Miss..... I was deeply saddened to hear of your miss adventure. Our deepest thoughts and wishes go out to you.

but not even that much? Come on. BAD PR.

True Chuck, they could. But if they try to use words to minimize what happened, the family attorney and the media would be jumping all over the fact that they call this traumatic happening a "misadventure." How insensitive! How dare they trivialize this!

And if they use words like "accident," they're admitting guilt. A savvy attorney would love to present that letter in a courtroom.

unfortunate incident?
Too go even further. IMHO it would be ludicris to not try to settle OUT OF COURT.

Put this in front of a Jury and she could own SF by the time not just liability but punitive.

Granted SF might not be at fault if some other reason is determined (Defective cable, Bad ride specs from intamin, Design flaw ect)

But If I were SF id be ponying up and being apoligetic just for the PR alone. If it came out that something they did caused it and they still try to look unsympathetic a Jury's gonna hang em.

Chuck, stating that these are just opinions on my part and have no basis on fact (Gotta put the disclaimer to something like this or Shapiro might own me)

It takes two parties to decide to settle out of court, not just one who thinks it's in its best interest to do so.

But I will agree with you on these punitive damages, mental anguish, whatever they call these intangibles. They're way out of hand. It's one thing to collect damages directly related to one's case (injury, death, whatever).

Anymore, it's just become a case of let's totally ruin and destroy as many people as we can, simply because we're able, or by association, and they have the money. Like the a-hole who thought he was entitled to 54 million dollars because a dry cleaner lost or ruined one frickin' pair of pants.

As long as stuff like that can even be considered in our court system, people and corporations will be advised to circle the wagons and say nothing.

Wasn't that a congressman?


^It's a Judge. Lol even better... :)

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Lawsuit notwithstanding.............SOMEONE from Six Flags, LTD shouldv'e immediately have reached out to that family PERIOD!!

Litigation is an excuse. If that park closes because the region it's in does not support it any longer they have no one to blame but themselves!!!!

I agree that suing for a pair of pants is stupid but this poor girl lost her feet. I think shes entitled to whatever money she can get and hopefully it's in the 100 million range.
100 million? What was she going to grow up to be? Tiger Woods? :)


"We are deeply saddened by this incident and of course have genuine concern for the well-being of the entire family. We stand ready to be of any assistance we possibly can," said Kentucky Kingdom spokeswoman Carolyn McClean.'s very obvious these Jerks don't care.

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