Gonna ride Fury 325 next week!

I'm traveling all the way down from Michigan to visit Carowinds for the first time, mainly to ride Fury 325. Intimidator and Afterburn look great too. For those who've rode it, is it one of your top coasters and is it as good has everyone is saying? Is it overhyped? Also, for those who have rode it, do you happen to know where the on-ride camera is on the ride? I want to be ready for it. I can't wait to ride it! Thanks everyone!

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Not sure about Fury, but I'll find out later this year.

Carowinds is a solid park already. Intimidator is okay, but Afterburn is pretty amazing! Don't miss out on Carolina Goldrusher (Arrow Mine train) as its personally one of my favorite of the mine train coasters.

Have a good time!


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HeyRob is right about that mine coaster. It's definitely one of the best.

I just might get down there this year after all, as my family is planning to visit friends and family in the area sometime soon.

Not to mention that Carowinds has the best Bish-Rocco Flying Scooter ride that isn't at Knoebels...

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I'll be at Carowinds next week, too. I'll be leaving Holiday World Thursday evening for Charlotte and hope to get there in time for some good rides on Friday night.
I can't wait to get back to two of my favorite parks, and I'm so looking forward to two fantastic new rides.

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I went to Carowinds last weekend. Fury DEFINITELY lives up to the hype. I got about six rides in the two days I was there including a very blissful front seat ride. :) I would get there as early as possible as the queue obviously fills up pretty quickly. I got a CF season pass and took advantage of the early entry/ride time on the second day. Is it one of my favorites now? Absolutely!

It's an excellent park with a good selection of coasters. I go there once every two or three years depending on what's going on. Intimidator, Afterburn, Nighthawk, and Hurler are my favorites next to Fury. You will love it! Just take your time and HAVE FUN!


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I was there tonite after work. Got about 15 rides in. It really is the best B&M I've been on. Very forceful. It's a keeper.

PS tales of the empty park on a Friday evening's demise have been over exaggerated. The park died after 6 tonite. Fury had a ten minute or less wait the 4 hours I was there.

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Fury is my new number 1 coaster. It has furious speed and twists and turn. The sheer speed through the turns in the first half whip u in a blissful way! The air time is amazing throughout the whole ride. The bunny hops at the end got me good with the airtime. Seeing it in person you will be like damn this ride is fast in person. It's like a blur when ur up close watching from the entrance of the park. It will be your new number 1. Like this ride blows millennium force out the water and beats intimidator 305. I love it.

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