Goliath?/Small Canada's Wonderland bit on 1990 punk tour

Anyone see the trains on Goliath at Canada's Wonderland yet? I'm not a big B&M fan, but think it's very cool (and VERY daring for this company) to try out a new type of train.

On another note...


This is a short news bit about the 1990 "Escape from NY" tour with the Ramones, Debbie Harry, Jerry Harrison/Tom Tom Club (ie Talking Heads). Pretty cool stuff - I know there are alot of music buffs on here as well.

It's not much. When Jerry Harrison is talking, they show a brief view of Mighty Canadian Minebuster. Not much, I know! But it's cool - especially with all the buzz about the new B&M and it's prototype trains.

I'd do anything to have this tour back (RIP Ramones) along with some of the rides from this time! Remember when GA Cyclone was new! And Timberwolf, etc.

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Surely you mean Behemoth ;).

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What a dream tour line up, and who would've thunk Jerry Harrison is a coaster fan? Nice little vid and thanks for sharing CoasterComet.

BTW...I saw Blondie about 4-5 years ago (with the Psychedelic Furs no less!), and they still totally rocked even after all these years.

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^Notice Jerry said "Debbie and Tina rode the stand up coaster." Funny.

A not-so know fact is that in the early days ('74-75) Tina and Chris (Talking Heads) asked Debbie to be the lead singer for the Heads - Debbie replied "no, already in a band right now." Blondie have a new record and tour coming soon btw. It's great to see the band (and others) still doing the occasional Ramones song (or 2). Now you hear Ramones, etc., at freaking Starbucks and Target. Kinda weird.

I have a picture a friend gave me many years ago of a MCMBuster lap bar locking mechanism and it has a see-through casing! Seem logical from a maintenance POV, but very odd. Definitely NOT something I think CF would permit.

One thing I always noticed about MCMBuster is that it's the only coaster I know of that has 3 'speed bumps' after the big drop. (I've also noticed that alot of people use speed bumps interchangeably for true speed bumps and 'camel back' hills).

What I mean by speed bumps are smaller hills after or between drops that usually (well, supposed to) give air time.

Why wouldn't CF permit it? It doesn't affect the operation in any way...
^I'm not sure whether or not those covers are see-through.

The reason I said that is b/c of the reputation for safety CF has. Not wanting people to see 'behind the scenes' of safety stuff.

I think someone else could explain it a little better than me.

Either way, those PTC lapbars suck. Bring back a new improved SINGLE buzz bar please :) I'm convinced they are less of a problem safety and maintenance wise.

If it was many years ago CF was far from being involved with the Mighty Canadian Minebuster!
I saw this tour at Kings Island. While I was unable to confirm 100% I believe I rode the Beast with Jerry Harrison and his companion. They were two seats ahead of me. I was/am a big fan of the late 70s CBGB's scene and having the Ramones at Kings Island was quite a unique experience. Rumor had it that several of the metal seats were broken during the show by rambunctious fans.

The suits were upset that they allowed a punk rock show to be booked into Kings Island. The funny part is the Ramones were pretty tame by 1990 musical standards.

Of course we all know of the great Tom Tom Club riots of 1994 when Mariah Carey sampled "Genius of Love" and two maybe three people (including myself) were deeply disturbed.

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^^Yes Cropsey, but what do the covers look like now? Are they the same? Ever see the 1980 horror flick "The Burning"? (finally out on DVD).

^Hey CoasterDad64, yep, Mariah doing that song. I've never been a fan, but the video (I think) showed Maria riding the DRAGON COASTER at Rye - thought that was pretty cool!

There are lots of great old shots of the Ramones/Blondie/Dolls, etc., hanging out at Coney in the 70's and always had the Thunderbolt, Cyclone and Wonder Wheel in the background :) They're in an old magazine called "PUNK." The comic was "Mutant Monster Beach Party."


This is especially cool with all the stuff about Coney Island right now. I always wanted to know what Coney Island 'coaster' Joey is singing about in "Oh Oh I love her so" (Blondie covered that one too). Cyclone, Thunderbolt or Tornado?!

Let's not forget the Ramones' "Rockaway Beach" and they also (along with Blondie) covered Freddie Cannon's "Palisades Park." (I also have a 7" single "Kennywood Park" from Kennywood - claimed to be by Freddy Cannon as well).

^BTW, I think I sat behind Shirley Hemphill on the Universal tour ride once ;)

Howsabout a new thread - celebrities on coasters! I saw Grace Jones on the Cyclone on TV once. All I can remember is she was trying to keep all her head garb on and telling the guy that took her on "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Can't find that one on youtube...

Mariah Carey deeply disturbs me in general.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

thrillerman1 said:
BTW...I saw Blondie about 4-5 years ago (with the Psychedelic Furs no less!), and they still totally rocked even after all these years.

The Psychedelic Furs have been touring for years after taking a break for a while. They are down to Richard Butler, his brother Tim on bass, and guitar player John Ashton in addition to a drummer and keyboard player (formerly of Information Society).

I've seen them three times since they reunited and their shows are not for the casual "I remember the 80's/early 90's" fan. Sure, you'll hear "Love My Way", "Heartbreak Beat", and "Pretty In Pink" (but not the slick movie version) as they are probably the best known songs, but expect to wait quite a while before they drop in a big hit in their set.

I thought at three times that I had seen them a lot, but I ran into a high school classmate and his wife at my last show a few years ago, and it was their ninth time!

A lot of that is due to Richard Butler's being an insanely good front man (he continuously shakes peoples hands while still singing) and he's still got that got that edginess to him. The band is also incredibly good.

^See, a good band/performer, is like a good park :)

People keep coming back, and will always give you support. They/it may not be the 'top rated' based on stock prices, etc., but keep the people happy.

Are the covers you're talking about on the sides of the trains for manual opening of the lap bars?

Yes I've seen The Burning a bunch of times so you figured out where my handle comes from. In addition to being a coaster freak, I'm also a horror movie geek.

^I have a picture I can scan in. They are the 'box' covers on either side of the seats.

Figured about your handle - that movie is the only place I've ever heard that name ;)

I noticed the clear covers before. The thought that came to mind was that it was fairly brillian. Having worked on coasters with PTC trains, the manual lap bar opening process was a big pain and a bit of a trial and error process.

Inside the cover is a metal rod device, that when pulled up will release the lap bar. So ride attendat would have to basically fish the loop on the rod with some sort of metal device, usually a wire coat hanger that's been prepared for the job.

With the clear covers would make it easier to fish out and pull up the loop. I don't see it as a safety issue since it's not an easy process and would be impossible for a guest to do while riding.

When those horrible ratchet bars first came out, there was a hole in the top of those boxes and a little metal 'hoop' would pop up out of them when the lap bars were released.

That begged for trouble (and got it). I think most of those holes have been covered now.

I don't think the clear covers are a safety issue, but it just doesn't seem like something CF would want people to see. Like I said earlier, can't explain myself why, but I'm sure someone else could.

It's not that important anyway :)

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