Goliath opens at Fiesta Texas 4/18/08 (w/ pics)

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Goliath finally opened to the public today with all the fanfare and celebrity red carpet action you could shake a stick at. Just kidding... there was zero fanfare, the park was empty, and I'm pretty sure most people there had no idea the ride was new to the park or even opening today. Which is just the way I like it.

I was on the second train out, and it was incredibly smooth, especially considering all the ride's been through. They constructed a winding, extra-long queue line for the more crowded summer months. Today was definitely not one of them. They opened the ride with both trains running, but it was already down to one train by midday, and that was more than enough.

They built a nice little entrance plaza in front of the ride with some limestone and tile and a nice fountain. And the ride is ridiculously bright with its school-bus orange supports.

Took a spin on everything else except for Rattler and Boomerang (because I value my spine). I hadn't been to the park for a few years, but it looked great. Very clean, very nice landscaping, and abundant staffing. Tony Hawk was an excellent addition for families last year, and Goliath is the icing on the cake. The park has a solid lineup of rides now.

Anyway, enjoy the pics!


Ok, I'm not going to lie, but MAN ARE THOSE SOME SEXY COLORS! Even though I do like my YELLOW Batman, but WOW! Looks awesome, thanks for the pictures!
Proud to say I was there for the ERT later that night for Season Pass holders.

Clocked about 12 rides in.

It's awesomely smooth considering it's been relocated, not once, but twice.

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I wouldn't even care if every park had one (or three) of these. In my opinion the ride is just about perfect.

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Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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Nothing wrong with a relocated namtaB. Now that I don't live near one anymore, and have to settle for an SLC, it gives me a new appreciation for the Six Flags Standard Invert. I have always loved it, now I really miss it.

And yes, those are some nice colors.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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It's still weird to me to see a new B&M Invert (or stated as "new") with the old style invert trains (with the horizontal bar below the seats in the back).

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Maybe I'm missing something, but don't they have the Great White at Sea World, which is the exact same coaster? Why does San Antonio need two of these?
^ You would be correct about that.

Why does San Antonio need two of these? Great question. San Antonio doesn't need two of them, but yet it does.

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^^Keep in mind that people here primarily see SeaWorld as an aquatic park and SFFT as the amusement park. A lot of locals haven't been to SeaWorld since they started adding thrill rides and aren't even aware of Steel Eel or Great White. Additionally, San Antonio draws a lot of tourists who aren't keenly aware of the ride lineup at either of the parks.

But on top of that, Six Flags had a B&M invert that needed a new home. Every other park in the chain either had the same ride or an SLC. SFFT had neither. It was also probably the easiest park to move the ride to (take I-10 west for eight hours).

Of course, it would be a different story if Six Flags had ordered this ride new from B&M.

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Are school busses orange in Texas? ;)

I really like the colors myself. So where is the ride at? To the left of the entrance plaza as you enter the park?

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Orange, yellow... whatever you want to call that blinding, unnatural shade. The weird thing is that they have white roofs. What's the deal with that?


But, yes, the ride is directly to the left of the entrance plaza, just behind the covered tram station.


You can see the tram station below the zero-G roll in this picture.



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