Goliath open at SFMM

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The new hypertwister at Six Flags Magic Mountain has finally opened. I got a taste of it yesterday. I got to go on it 11 times and all of the times were fun. It has a first stunning drop of 255 ft and reaches a top speed of 85 mph. I thought I was going to hit the tunnel, it gets so close to it I put my hands down so I wouldn't get hit. Then it continues with a 700 ft long camelback hill and a stunning 3-helix turn that puts 4 g's on your shoulders. It finishes off with a stomach churning carosel curve. Two words, Awe. SOME!

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I just saw it on Foxnews today, and I must say it looks awesome just as you said
I think it's gonna be great, but I've heard many a report about the drop not having that kick. Maybe its because of the MF's drop looking so vertical, I don't know. But people say that the drop has no ejection because the cars are a lot more enclosed than Morgan, Arrow, or Intamin cars. Nontheless, can't wait to ride it to see if the preceeding was true.
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I've done the 225' drop and 80mph on "Steel Phantom" at Kennywood-loved it-would love to know how the ride would be without the shoulder restraints and certainly without the inverts
(Arrow what were you thinking???)

Welcome back Raptor riders-how was your flight?
Wish I was there write know
Hey, you're right. Goliath doesn't have that kick like Raging Bull or most hyper coasters-I said most!- But it does give a very smooth ride the whole way through. *** This post was edited by J-Man on 2/18/00. ***
Goliath kicks major butt. But I have to say that it is not as good as Desperado at Stateline, Nevada. The 540 helix at the end is the best part, but the ride is short. If they would have made it longer or put loops in it, it would rule all. (Even the front-running Millenium Force!)
Well, Goliath lived up to its name last year and earned rave reviews.

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