Goliath Media Day at Six Flags New England

I was invited through ACE to attend the Media day for SFNE's newest coaster Goliath. Goliath is a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang which the chain relocated from their Magic Mountain park. The ride replaced the parks Shipwreck Falls shoot-the-Chute attraction.

I was able to arrive later in the day after getting prior permission. I was not going to be able to make the 4:30 call time. I instead left home at 5:00 and arrived at the park slightly after 7:30. I walked to Crackaxle via the restroom path next to Main Street and picked a spot to camp out for the day.

Dippn Dots X 3
Kettle Corn X3 (brought some home)
Drinks X5 (Ice tea, coke, Mr. Pib)

Lunch was at the Riverside, They split the group between the riverside and the new JB’s Smokehouse but all the food was that featured at eh smokehouse. I made beef brisket sandwiches and had a side of pork brisket. There was also Cole Slaw, Some sort of backed Corn chowder and cake but I did not eat any of that.

Opening ceremonies
The park introduced the mayor of Crackaxle Canyon who welcomed us all and introduced Goliath. He then invited the head of Tourism for the region who did a quick speech. Nothing special pretty much the same speech heard every media day, new is good. The park president spoke for a few minutes and the coasters stats were given.

A small shows was then put on with 2 performers that came out shooting and surprised at the new ride. They stated that it was not there went hey went into the new JB's Smokehouse and that they were there for 2 weeks drinking sarsaparilla (Root Beer). The mayor told them that this was the newest addition to the town and that it's for all to enjoy but first we invite all our David's to come forth and tame Goliath. They launched the inaugural ride with Confetti cannons and music and the ride was officially opened.

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Since the link was removed here is the remainder of the trip report. I am unsure How I can offer anyone the opportunity to view The dozens of photos attached to the page without braking the rules.

This for me was the second best opening ceremony and easily the most thought out. The Pandemonium ceremony with the real Mr. Six was the best.

I managed to get 21 rides in throughout media day. I hit enough of the rides seats to get a good impression of the rides overall quality. In all it's a good coaster. The outer seats are the best, I prefer the loading side. I do not like the center seats there are dangerous. The only good center seat is the very front which allows for unobstructed views of the entire ride. The drop is the best part of the ride but that's really only experienced from the back cars. The front half gets less drop time so the experience is cut short. The ride sort of putters out through the middle of the layout and feels as if it should be 10 or so feet shorter. I was most impressed with the ride experience in the middle of the train; you get some air time through the boomerang.

In all the ride is good but not worth a wait. The loading on this ride is horrible. It’s very difficult to get from one side of the station to the other. They then switch do seat belts fallowed by OTSRs. There are also no electronics involved with the employees. I think you will see delays from the operator trying to look for the employees for the all clear.

Wait times - Signs along the Queue indicated long waits. The main covered station stated a 1 hour 15 minute wait, half the second covered queue 2 hours, full covered area 2.5 hours. There is still another switchback.

I took many brakes to take picture and video of the coaster. Talk to those in attendance from ACE and SFNEonline. Talked with2 employees form the local Sheraton and the DJ for the event while in line waiting to ride. I even got a chance to speak with David Garrity who will be doing a show this summer. The best part is he recognized me from my visits 7 years ago and our conversation regarding doing a fund raiser for New Whalom Park.

I road till the end of the day and as 2 hit they said they were sending it around again so I could ride again. Front center seat. Not a bad end of day Place to sit for a last ride. I collected my stuff and made my way out. The front entrance was completely shut up so I had to leave via the Thomas town and employee driveway. I got a couple photos of the lazy river water feature. I opened up my car and let it air out since I have no AC.

I figured while I waited I would get a couple more photos. This led to the only down side of the day. While taking a picture of a water feature in the kiddie river I was approached by a Maintenance worker. He asked me what I was doing there and why I was taking Pictures of the back of the park. I was confused since everything along the parking to is the front of the park. I explained that I noticed the water feature thought It was well done and took a picture. He asked me again to not take pictures of the back of the park, the front was fine, and I said fine whatever and went back to my car.

I’m not about to let a confused Maintenance worker get me down and once my car cooled down I headed home. Overall great day glad I got on the coaster. I don’t see myself ridding it again unless I am a single rider and the line is short. I do want to get back to the park to see David’s Illusion Quest show, he is simply amazing. 

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I would think that the extra time you'd gain by braking the rules would allow for a better understanding of them, thereby making one less likely to break them.

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I have only used this site on occasion over the last 6 years. Primarily for sharing trip reports. I will comment on a thread if it is of interest and the replies are worth commenting on.

I have posted Trip Reports like I have on The other forums I use and in many cases have used much longer. If I had actually been sent a message or there was a real reply when this first because a problem at the beginning of the summer. I would have not done it with 2 future trip reports.

Perhaps the locked Linking/Spamming post should be posted in the Trip Reports section not in the General Buzz. I would have read it and made corrections.

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If you want to post pictures, use the Day in Pictures forum.

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