Golden Nugget at Morey's Piers public farewell ceremony

There has been a press release sent out from Morey's Piers about a ceremony on January 31st at noon for a public farewell to Golden Nugget - the classic dark ride/ coaster. It has been posted in various spots including the Morey's Piers website if you want to see it.

There has also been an update that a mystery person has apparently bought up a substantial amount of the ride, and that more about that will be revealed later. Could be interesting.

I haven't seen anything more about what this farewell ceremony will be. There are no actual details I have read about for that day. Maybe someone else has heard something?

I have submitted this to news as well, but being my first attempt at that, I'm not sure if I did everything right. I thought people that lived in the area might want to know about this though in case it's not considered important enough for the news section.

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You didn't provide any links to anything, so I did not post it. We don't take straight cut-and-pastes because there's no attribution.

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Here is the information.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Anyone bet this coaster will be renamed the High Speed Golden Nugget? ;)

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Jeff, actually I realized I did not include the link, (which seemed completely wrong) but I had no idea where it went. I must not understand something because the spaces for information to be filled in were for "Headline," "Summary," and "Main Text" ... where does the link go? I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Sorry bout that.

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"Now, I am very thrilled to say that this ride will be placed in the most capable of hands."The phrase that strikes me hardest...."MOST capable of hands". Might be can hope. ;)

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Gator I was wondering if that rumor was true that Dick Knoebel bought the trains, and track. Make sense considering his would be the "MOST capable of hands."

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Perhaps the "most capable of hands" are those of the ride's manufacturer, PTC?

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Maybe ACE bought it to go along with their purchase of the Big Dipper.

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Moosh, PTC would certainly be a good fit, as Tom R. is both an historian and an enthusiast. From a business perspective though, not sure he could get the ride to specs so that it COULD run again.....then again, not every state would be as difficult as NJ in terms of certification. Nonetheless, sounds MUCH more hopeful than "sent to recyclers" as has happened to far too many historically-important rides.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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