gold striker california's great america

anyone know when its going to open? Gold striker at californias great america Santa Clara California

It might already be... I know last week they had the first rides they auctioned off... and last wednesday, thrusday, friday they invited public via facebook to come by to ride for media shots.

So I would think they would be running it during normal operations now... so I would think they would be running it this weekend.

It wasn't open yet on Saturday. Really annoying too since they already had their media day and such. The signage isn't helpful either, it just says "Launching in May"

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The park has NOT had a media day yet - they did, however have two weeks worth of promo shoots (on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) in which the public was invited to ride the coaster while being filmed and / or videotaped, but NO official media day as of yet.

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Yeah. I'm surprised and bummed by it. I'm not sure why it isn't open, but it felt like it was mocking me all day at CGA today. To be so close, and yet so far. It'll be good for the park, which, in my opinion based on my visit today, has pretty much had Flight Deck as the only coaster worth getting hyped up about in twenty years (though Vortex was actually pretty decent, and I did find Nighthawk a bit enjoyable at Carowinds).

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