Gold Reef City - Anyone been there?

Monday, September 30, 2002 7:04 PM

Gold Reef City has to be one of the most unique amusement parks I've ever seen. Their coaster collection features some of the strangest coasters I've ever layed eyes on, and with it being in South Africa, I've heard very little about it.

The park has four rollercoasters: Anaconda , Golden Loop, Run A Way Mine Train, and the Shaft of Terror.

Golden Loop and Run A Way Mine Train are common styles that we've all seen before, but the other two...

Anaconda is a G Tec Inverted coaster that has B&M style track, but only 2X seating. Not only that, but it has what may be the most intense helix on an inverted coaster.The ride is G Tecs only Inverted coaster (built only by them), and has some traditional elements from B&M, but also has some new ones such as back to back corkscrews (I believe its the ONLY inverted coaster to have those)

The Shaft of Terror has to be one of the most insane rides I've ever seen. I live in the USA, but was lucky enough to go to England back in 1999, and obviously Alton Towers was on top of my to-do list. Oblivion literaly blew mw away. The drop on that thing was unreal. Now this thing is a whole lot taller (about 160 feet), drops at 90 degrees, has twisting track during the fall, pulls over 6 Gs, and originally opened with no OTSRS!!! Also, this ride uses a real gold shaft that was moved to the park from a mine area. The theming on this sucker is amazing!


I'm curious to know, has anyone ever been to this park? Or know anybody who has? I'm very curious to know more and maybe hear some reviews of the coasters. If anyone could share any information, it would be much appreciated! Thanks :)



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