Gold Reef City

Has anyone in this forum ridden the Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg *prior* to its refurbishment, i.e. pre-2005? I've got a handful of questions I'd like to get answered if possible...

Richard, did you get the information I sent you in a PM yesterday?
I didn't notice it until you pointed out, but thanks!

Gold Reef City is a unique sounding park...Anyone been there?

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Tower of Terror is running (again), plus there's the Gio invert AND (most importantly!) an operating Anton shuttle loop. how can ya go wrong, esp. with that THEMING....

I'm jealous, Richard... ;)

Richard, youre lucky. Does the Gio-inverted run as smoothly as a B&M invert? How does Tower of Terror hold up against newer vertical drop rides like Griffon and Shiekra? Thanks for the info! *** Edited 3/13/2008 11:39:24 PM UTC by snowboard83***
The Giovanola Invert is the most intense inverted in the world. It's not quite B&M smooth any more but it's not far off.

Tower of Terror cannot reasonably be compared to modern drop rides. The attraction is designed to scare the bejaysus out of you - and that it does.

^Do you happen to have some info and photos of the new cars? I once saw a pic which looked like a floorless car.

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