Going to SFoG next Thursday-any tips?

Such as best deals on food in the park, any good shows, best order to follow to do all the rides, ect...

already got 3* hotel for 2 nights-$108 through priceline and $25tickets for the park on a Spring Break special they are running

Since you said you will be staying 2 nights in a hotel, I am assuming you will be hitting the park for 2 days?

If that's the case, just take your time and circle the park. You will have plenty of time to hit everything. It's not a huge park but it's also not a small park either.

Hopefully your hotel is either right by the park or just west of it. If you head east, you will be in a seedy area.

It's a great park with a decent coaster lineup, a re-make dark ride, a strange Intamin drop ride and a classic carousel from Riverview park in Chicago. Have fun.

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Here are some of my recommendations
-Ninja is not as bad as it looks. It was a surprise hit for me.
-Mindbender....back seat. Bliss!
-Get to the park early and get all your Goliath rides in. It and Scorcher have longer lines since it's at the front.
-Even if you've ridden Superman at Great Adventure and Great America, don't miss this one. Its the best of the three in my opinion.

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There is a resturant near by 2 exits I belive from the park called kenny's its an all you can eat buffet for only $7.00 I suggest that so you don't have to spend alot in the park.

thanks for the help. i'm only going for 1 day so I hope to get it all done. hopefully the crowds won't be too bad. hotel is courtyard by marriott (lithia springs).

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GA Cyclone was running VERY fast and aggressive during Fling weekend (when the weather allowed operation at least). Goliath provides the airtime, but also has capacity (maybe ride only until you see the green looping airtime machine MB open up). 'Bender...rules as hard as its namesake from Futurama. Bender lives large and kicks butt! :)

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I couldn't wait to get off Ninja. That ride has no redeeming qualities as far as I'm concerned. I don't "get" mindbender, but I loved Goliath. I don't know if this is still the case, but they closed the line about 20 minutes early the day I went and I missed my night ride.

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Forgot to add - do not skip Monster Plantation if it's open. Apparently there's been some re-theming along with the extensive overhaul, but much of the original has been kept intact. Oh, and the carousel is an important classic, as Chi mentioned.

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