Going to Rome in 2008

My girlfriend and I are thinking about going to Rome in 2008, and one thing I would like to do while we are there is go to Mirabilandia. I have had a hard time finding info about this so I thought I would see if anyone here may be able to help.

What I am looking to find out is if there is a train or other way of transportation (not including rental car, because we don't want to rent a car). I also would like to know from anyone who has been to the park (if anyone) how it is and if it is worth the visit, or if a different park would be better.

thanks for your input.

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Trip Report with pics here:


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Just to let you know, Rome isn't exactly close to Mirabilandia. The easiest way to get there that I've found is to take a train to Bologna (about five hours) and then a bus from the central bus terminal to Mirabilandia. You'd probably have to stay overnight in Bologna since the bus leaves in the morning.

Train website: http://www.italiarail.com
Specific Bus Info: http://www.comunecervia.it/turismo/scheda.asp?id=990001327&L=1

You can also go to the site that that last page links to, but I couldn't find the same bus, perhaps because it only runs in the summer? Also, Mirabilandia's website has some bus info, but it's all in Italian. :( Anyway, I hope this helps. :)


I took the train to Ravenna and stayed there for the night (recommended). The park was just a short cab ride from the hotel in the city. Is niiiiice.

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Don't forget Rome has a park of its own - LunEUR. Not the best park in the world but it has a very nice Schwarzkopf Looping Star and a surprisingly good Pinfari mine train. Can easily be reached from the city by subway - no rental cars required.

I found out as much when I first tried Map Quest and it showed to be about the same distance driving as from here in Greenville, NC to Carowinds, or more like an extra 20 miles on top of a drive from here to Kings Dominion. I realize that it would be a trip to make, but from the pics I saw on RCDB and from checking out the website, I thought it looked like a park worth seeing. Thanks also for the links, that should be helpful information.


Thanks for the TR, Sounds like you were saying this may not be the worlds best park, but on worth visiting. Please let me know if I got the wrong impression.


It seems like Ravenna would be the place to stop by train. Do you know how long it took to get there from Rome? Also, do you know if that train is with the same company as the link that bobthecoasterguy left up above?

Martin Valt:

Thanks for the info about the closer park, I may have to keep that one in mind if Mirabilandia can't happen.

Thank you all for you input thus far, if you have anything in general you would like to add about the place or alternatives or getting there, I will greatly appreciate it.

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Carolina - I didn't write the trip report and have never been to Italy. I just thought you might find it useful.
Well, I guess I did missunderstand to that extent then huh? :) But thank you still, it was useful

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I went to Ravenna from Milan, so I'm not sure how far it is from Rome. A eurorail pass will get you to Ravenna for sure, but you'll probably have to change trains coming from Rome.

Mirabilandia is nice, but the great Katun is probably the only ride worth riding more than once. Seemed to me like the park had a lot of potential and room to expand...I think it is a fairly young park anyway. Oh, I think they were building a waterpark when I was there, not sure if that's your thing. Personally, I'd head to the beach (if you're going during the summer that is)!

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being in rome and ravenna or other places in italy, I probably wouldn't waste a single minute not checking out some of the history they have there, they have some amazing old cities and stones and artworks from different periods of european (western) history, plus good restaurants and a general culture for things (apart from motorist related affairs - that's mostly just awful)

I mean, Katun must be a great coaster (I guess the only coaster in italy worth riding maybe), but the rest of Italy is far more interesting to look at than any themeing of any park in the world could ever be!
(apart from the venetian in las vegas :) :) :) )


(ok , it's not coaster related and you are probably aware of all this, but i couldn't help it).

**** edit

reading my post again, I have to be fair, there are also pretty ugly aspects to Italian cities sometimes, it gets interesting mostly when you find a historic downtown etc, of which there on the other hand are quite a few. One of my favourites is Siena as well. *** Edited 12/8/2006 2:02:13 PM UTC by superman***

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