Going to PKI

Wednesday, June 28, 2000 1:05 PM
What should I do and not do at PKI? I want that stuff, place it here!
Wednesday, June 28, 2000 1:59 PM
If you really want to get on SOB, call the info line to make sure that they "expect" the ride to at least be running the day you plan to go.

The Beast (at night if you can)
SOB (if possible)
Top Gun
Racer (both ways)
Face/Off (I like boomerangs, sue me)

If lines are long, or time will not permit, Skip-
Outer Limits: Flight of Pain (oops, fear)
Adventure express (just anothe mine train)
King Cobra
kiddie coasters

Obviously, if these are walk-ons go for it. I think most members will agree with my list (except for Face/Off).

Gotta ride 'em all!
Wednesday, June 28, 2000 10:30 PM
No, I agree. I usually skip OL now, too. I've had enough headaches in my lifetime.

I also like FACE/OFF, no matter what people say. This one is best ridden in the morning, as the line only gets longer. (Not to nitpik, but it's actually an invertigo, not a boomerang.)

I disagree on King Cobra. I still enjoy this one, and it's definitely a classic.

Pretty much everything else, though, we are in agreement upon. Other than those things listed, everything else (i.e. flat rides) can pretty much be found anywhere. Have a great time!

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Thursday, June 29, 2000 4:22 AM

Adding my two cents...
BEAST by day AND Definitely BEAST by night!(gets dark around 9:25)
SOB- If it's open, get thee in line!
OL:FOF least fav coaster there...ouch!Great theming in queue but watch out for the head restraints. TAKE along tylenol.
FACE/OFF worth the wait if you've never done one of these. But the wait is looooooooooooong.(Last summer we waited 2.5 hours)
TOP GUN - fun and not that many suspendeds around
VORTEX- Wait for a short line, it varies during the day.
RACER- Must do! And I love the Backwards side. Usually easy for quick multiple rides.
ADVENTURE EXPRESS - Ok if you've never done a themed mine train BUT not worth a wait over 45 min.And watch out for that ending!
KING COBRA-To me this was dull. But I'd already done faster, newer stand-ups! But if ya gotta ride em all, watch for the shorter line.
JAMES BOND;LICENSE TO THRILL - Simulator that is a duplicate in each park and NOT worth a lengthy wait in the sun. We nearly died from sunstroke in this queue.
DROP ZONE - Fun and it revolves (unlike most drop towers)

"You have to scale a lot of lift hills to coast easily..."

Thursday, June 29, 2000 4:23 AM
I also have to disagree about Adventure Express. Sure the theming is a little corny if you've ridden it a lot, but it's a very good Arrow mine train.

Scott W. Short
Thursday, June 29, 2000 5:31 AM
Agreed, Adventure is a good mine train. I would skip Outer Limits unless you don't mind having your ears removed. Top Gun is a very good Arrow style suspended, but is short and the line can move slowly. If you skip King Cobra you won't be missing much.
Thursday, June 29, 2000 5:02 PM
Do the Phantom Theater too. It's not a coaster but is a pretty cool dark ride. Each of the two times I went to PKI this year it was a walk on. I think the Adventure Express is possibly the best mine train I was ever on. It has the BEST themeing and you can see the drop and rest of SOB from the lift.

Parks hit for 2000!

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