Going to PGA need help!

Monday, August 7, 2000 7:10 PM
I am going to PGA and haven't been for a while.. I need help on planning my day and have riddin the rides on the web site.. I could use some help to be able to ride all the coasters that are worth it.


Riddler's Revenge" Most underratted coaster in the world"
Tuesday, August 8, 2000 8:46 AM
Hi Todd! Go to Stealth first because that is the most popular ride in the park. Also get on Invertigo early because the low capacity and slow loading. One more thing, don't ever go to Top Gun first because everone else does. Get on Stealth! Are you going on a weekday?
Tuesday, August 8, 2000 9:57 AM
I agree, get to the park at least 1/2hr before opening, then wait at the chain in Orleans Place to get to Stealth first. Top Gun may be open early, but ride it later, cause as soon as that chain drops, everyone, and I mean everyone, rushes to Stealth first. So within the first 1hr that the park is open, lines quickly build up to the 2hr+ mark, and stay that way all day, due to the low capacity of the ride, even on slow days. Once you get Stealth out of the way, either hit Drop Zone or Invertigo, both also low capacity and slow moving lines, best to hit them early while others are still waiting for Stealth. Then you can hit anything else since you've already done all the older rides.

One more tip: If your planning a night flight on Stealth, they shut the lines down 1hr prior to park closing, so plan accordingly. If you miss the cutoff, ride some other rides, then head to Top Gun for your night flight. The line for Top Gun stays open till just about closing time, so you can have 1 last night ride before you leave. Have a great time(although I still think SFMW is a MUCH better park!).
Tuesday, August 8, 2000 11:29 AM
Stealth was only 30 min. on a weekday when I was there.
Tuesday, August 8, 2000 3:24 PM
Thanks for the help guys! Why do u think, Draco, that SFMW is much better? They only have 4 coasters! If Great America only had their top 4, then maybe Marine World could be better. I am intrested to know!


Riddler's Revenge " The most underrated coaster in the world"
Wednesday, August 9, 2000 10:17 AM
Keep in mind, this is strictly just my opinion, I know alot of people that love PGA and think it's the greatest. But after having gone to over 45 different parks around the world, I know better. I'm a diehard park enthusiast, I love parks for all the different types of experiences a park has to offer, not just the coasters.

A great example is BGW. On my very first visit, they only had 2 coasters, Nessie and BBW, and the park immediately jumped into my #1 favorite park spot. The place is absolutely brilliant, the theming, the setting, the ride selection, the food, quality coasters, the atmosphere, everything, just a complete awesome all around park. Another example is Holiday World, only Raven was there on my first visit, had an amazing time. So in my book, a park doesn't need 10 coasters to be the better park.

PGA may have more coasters than SFMW for now, but like BGW, it's the theming, the atmosphere, selection of quality rides and attractions, etc. that makes SFMW the better park in my book. PGA has more coaster(most of them lame)and that's it. They have absolutely nothing else to offer, except a stripped down carnival atmosphere and long lines, thanks to Paramounts destruction of a once beautiful theme park and disregard for capacity.

Oh, and BTW, SFMW has 5 coasters. Don't forget about Cobra, a very fun family coaster that, unlike PGA's family coasters, you don't need a kid with you to be able to ride. Give SFMW 5 more years to build up their ride count, and mark my word, it WILL be regarded as one of the best and most beautiful theme parks in the US.

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