Going to La Ronde for the first time...

Im going to La Ronde for the first time on the 17th(Thursday). Does Anyone know any place besides the internet to get discounted tickets? Also what are the MUST ride rides, and what rides should be avoided. Thanks.


A Coke can will get you 5$ off. Also, do you think you'll visit another SF park? They're offering 50$ + taxes (14%) rest of the season passes.

Must rides? Vampire, Monstre, Manitou (Afterburner clone), OVNI (soon to be gone, only Huss Discoround in North America). Don't forget to ride Dragon, its at the back of the park by the Ferris Wheel.

Vampire, Monstre and Manitou have the longest lines. Goliath has the only semi efficient crew in the park, so the line is usually not that long.

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I would add Goliath to that must-ride list.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Forgot it... But I don't really care for the ride! I prefer the Vampire a lot more. Don't forget to ride the monorail.

Food prices are ok as long as you stay away from the 2 Subway. Best places are the 2 "Regal de l'Asie". One counter at the main entrance and the other one is behind Spirale, the observation tower.

Thanks, Absimilliard.

Yeah, I think i am going to SFDL and SFNE later this year so maybe ill grab the season apss considering that's cheaper then a one day admission to PCW which i normally pay, $68.99:@

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