Going To Holiday World next week, Seeking advice:

My father and I will be leaving next Thursday, the 14th to go to Holiday World from the Cleveland Area.-Any places I can find some deals and cheaper tickets?

--What would be a good plan of attack for the park?And any other advice you would like to include would be appreciated.

Also we MAY be going to Kings Isladn so any advice on that would be appreciated as well.

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First off, if you were a CoasterBuzz card carrying member, they offer a coaster club discount price of $26.95. Since you are probably staying the night, check with your hotel about discounted tickets. Most in the area have them. From what I remember the price was around $30.

While some may disagree, I like to hit the coasters in order starting with Raven then Legend and finally Voyage.

For KI, if your a have a platinum pass from CF they have ERT at 9:30 everyday and 9:00 on Saturdays. If so go to Diamondback and get a few laps in, if not head over to X-Base right at 10:00 and ride Firehawk . This is the slowest loader in the park. Follow this with Flight of Fear.

Considering reports that the park has been kind of busy, I would head over to The Beast next followed by DB if you didn't ride it earlier.

At this point you can hit up the rest. The waits will be what they are but most of the others with the exception of invertigo should be reasonable.

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Many Pepsi product cans (bought in Indiana anyway) have a coupon on the back of them.
Hotel wise there isn't a whole lot to chose from, the Comfort Inn in Ferdinand is pretty nice. You can rent a camper from Camp Rudolph (right next door, and they have a shuttle).
Attack on the park- get to the things you really want to ride really early, the raven is right inside the door (kinda so if you want to ride that get there quick), most of the lines usually move pretty quick.

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I've never done this before....but since I got a lap this year, I now heartily endorse Liberty Launch. Seems the park may have heard our pleas for airtime on the S&S tower... ;)

The best time to do the Halloween rides (and coasters) is the early afternoon when everyone else is in the water park. Do Thanksgiving first, but if you plan on doing the waterpark be sure to be in your suit and ready to hit that park when it opens, the three big attractions Baukli, Zoombabwe, and Zinga will get big lines (45 min+) really quick and will stay that way the rest of the day.

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