Going to Canada's Wonderland - suggestions and do I need a passport?

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When is the best time to go? I've heard many say the park gets VERY crowded, etc. Do I need a passport? Is getting the $110 passport worth it (to avoid questions or a car search?) I'm really clueless as to that stuff.

I am looking forward to riding Sky Rider - I loved King Cobra at KI :)

CF offers a *Platinum Pass* for $165 - I think I'll get one. Would really like to get to Carowinds (never been) and KD (last time was 1984), seems the season pass with parking is the way to go.

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The only time I went to the park was in May of 2005. My wife and I loved the park. The coasters are sort of meh (Behemoth wasn't built yet) but I thought the flat ride collection was pretty good. The park was really crowded that day yet the park did a good job moving us through.

Take that opinion for what its worth though, I used to be a huge fan of the Paramount Parks because of the guest experience offered but if the changes at KI are the same changes at Canada's Wonderland I'm not going to bother going back.

I'm pretty sure you need a passport to get into Canada and to come back into the States. Which for us hasn't been worth the trouble.


Not sure about the park itself but...

You absolutely need a passport* to travel to and from Canada. Not getting one will get you turned around and sent back to the US (in addition to questioning and possible searching).

*You could also get a US Passport Card (http://travel.state.gov/passport/ppt_card/ppt_card_3926.html), which is valid for travel between the US and Canada/Mexico/Bahamas/Caribbean (but NOT international air travel). It's cheaper, but if you have designs on traveling to, say, Europe in the next ten years, you might as well just get your passport. If not, there's no reason to spend double the cost on a full passport.

Also, you get questioned no matter what as you cross the border. Nothing serious, just simple "where are you going, how long are you staying, etc." stuff, takes maybe two minutes.


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Not sure you need a passport to get IN to Canada, but you need one to drive back over the border. And regardless, you could still get your car searched. I'd say if you're not really planning on doing much with a passport, get the cheaper card. I'm planning on getting both this year just to have options, but if you don't plan on doing much with it, the cheaper is the way to go.

And get the Platinum pass. Heck, you'll save money in parking alone as long as you hit at least 3 CF parks.

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Correct. You can get into Canada, but you will need a passport to get back into the US. If you have a passport card, you can use that in leui of carrying the lil folder.

You NEED a passport to get in and out of Canada; regardless of travel type

Or you can get an enhanced driver's license (an option for Canadians; might have similar in US?), or a US residence card, or etc. Google it

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I made my trip to Canada's Wonderland in 2008 for the sole purpose that it was the final year to make the trip passport free.


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Thanks everyone, I'm searching for birth certificate and going for passport pictures tonight :) Seems the safe thing to do.

What about the park crowds? Is May a good time to go?

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And keep in mind that if a government shutdown happens, you probably won't be able to get a passport for some period of time.

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It's a beautiful park. If you can, plan to stay a couple of days, then you'll definitely get your fill. I could ride Vortex all day alone. And the powered mine train through the mountain is a blast!

Also worth checking out, there is this really cool log flume somewhere in Toronto. I forget the name, but if you like flumes, this looks like an extra special one. It's been recommended to me by a few people (I love flumes). Wish I would have known about it on my trip there a couple of years ago. Oh and don't forget about Marineland. Dragon Mountain is a gem!

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Great park. I first visited in 2002 while it was still Paramount, and ventured on back for Behemoth. Longest wait of the day both times was for the SLC Top Gun. I'm going to echo AV's suggestion of Marineland and Dragon Mountain.

Am I missing something? Why exactly is it such a hassle to make/have a passport (not directed at you, CoasterDemon)? IIRC, not too long ago there was another thread pertaining to Canada that turned the border crossing process into a strip/cavity search.

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It's a great park. It has one of the best collection of modern and unique flats in North America including Lusse Autoskooters. The park is huge and its quite the workout to knock all if it out comfortably in one day. It is consistently crowded for its entire season. If you're determined to get all the credits make sure to knock out the mouse, boomerang and volare first.

If you have time - (and based on its operating schedule) there is Centreville Amusement park in Center Park which is on an island across from downtown Toronto (you have to take a ferry). They have an amazing dark ride, beautiful Dentzel carousel, lusse autoskooters and handful of additional rides (including a powered coaster).

The flume Matt mentioned is at Ontario Place on the south side of the city by the CNE grounds. It's an amazing flume but that's all there is to do there unless you have small children.

And yes you need a passport - if you're going to the trouble to get one - skip the 'passport card' - I have both and most tsa, airport employees, and border crossings have scratched their head when I presented the card - passport is the way to go.

It's usually pretty busy; especially on weekends

If you're the type that has to do every coaster/major flat (myself included), start with Bat, Shockwave, Fly, Vortex; basically the "right side" of the park, then work your way counterclockwise. Crowds tend to go to Action Zone first as it has the SLC, Behemoth, etc.

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I was there for two weekdays in mid June of '08 (the year Behemoth opened). There were good crowds, but not overwelling at all.

Thunder Run was a nice surprise and they have a very nice collection of major flats. I loved Sledge Hammer (I don't understand why more parks don't have this ride).

jonnytips is right, go to the right and work counterclockwise around the park.


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That Log Flume at Ontario Place looks absolutely fabulous! Look!

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Thanks for all the tips everyone - and I have my 2 mugshot photos and ready to go for the passport tomorrow ;)

I definitely want to stop at Marineland - I remember when that ride came out it was such a big deal. Great to finally ride it this summer.


Wonderland is my home park so if you have any very specific questions I am your guy.

In short the coaster are pretty bad. The flats are the best around, and if you have kids the kiddie section is probably the best there is. Much better than Ki`s which is always voted best on Golden Tickets. Water Park is Ok but not worth it on a one day visit.

Sledgehammer has it's moments but usually it's pretty tame. The reason no other parks have it is probably cuz it has more down time than any ride ever. 2009 it was down 90% of the season. Last year it was pretty good, but it's been worked on this winter again. Makes me worry.

Vortex is a great ride but don't get your expectations overly high. It's more of a pleasent surprise than anything. Don't expect a BBW. Save 1 ride for night time. Obviously.

The woodies are very bad... But ride them once. About 1 time out of ten they give out a good ride. Wilde Beast is fun in the rain.

If you want the boomerang credit prepare for a wait... it's possibly the most popular ride.

Time Warp is horrrrrrrable.

The best seat on Behemoth is the back row, and preferable the right side. Don't wait for the very front seat, the front wings are better and with no wait. I love Behemoth. Better than Nitro, and Diamonback. But a local bias might play a roll in that.

Ummm oh the best flat ride is shockwave.. don't miss it.

The shows are kinda crap but one worth watching is the ice skating show... Especially on a hot day, its a very comfortable theatre. The skaters in the show are smokin as well. aha

The high dive show is pretty good as well. Divers dive off of the mountain in the water below.

The crowds can be very heavy but not always. Weather plays a huge roll. They are open until 11 on saturdays this year for the first time ever.

The food is ok but nothing is cant miss. If you have a platnum pass its 15% off. The funnel cakes are the big thing here but they are crazy $. i think for a strawberry and whipped cream topped one its like 11. But best thing to get at CW. Near park close you see miles of ppl siting and eating them... and miles of line ups for them. The shortest line of the 3 is in midevil faire.

The best thing about CW is the beauty... Take a minute to enjoy the fountains at night. The water, mountain, birch trees, and the lights make for a beautifull sight. Really enjoyable.

I think I will leave CW at that for now. Any other questions let me know.

The flume at Ontario place is great but not worth the trip. If the Ex is on during your trip you can go there and ontario place on one admission.

Centre Island is extreamly not worth it.

Dragon Mt. is nice but not really worth the $40 you'll pay to get into that cash grab tourist trap called marineland. If you have kids or like whales by all means.

DKNY6363 said:
Time Warp is horrrrrrrable.
Ummm oh the best flat ride is shockwave.. don't miss it.


BullGuy said:
Am I missing something? Why exactly is it such a hassle to make/have a passport (not directed at you, CoasterDemon)? IIRC, not too long ago there was another thread pertaining to Canada that turned the border crossing process into a strip/cavity search.

That would have been the one I created about where to go for vacation this year.

My wife found another way to get to Vancouver from Seattle that sounds scenic and not too much of a hassle. 6 more months to go, urgh.

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^^To each their own...

Dragon Mountain was so worth the $40 for the two hours I went to the park. I'd been wanting to ride that thing for 20 years. I'd be more than happy to hand over the money and do it again. And likewise I would do whatever it takes to experience that awesome flume next time I'm heading up to the great white north. Heck a friend and I talked about taking a special trip up there primarily for the flume.

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