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Saturday, August 16, 2003 10:31 PM
It started out with plans to visit Cedar Point for two days then Kennywood on the way home. However with the current power issues from Thursdays blackout we decided to head south. After thought I decided to take another shot a visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and making another trip to Paramounts Kings Dominion.

I had planed to go to BGW last summer, but due to the heat of 106 degrees with 100% humidity, and no wind we cut our trip short, and made it to PKD, and Sixflags America instead. Since it was on the way home. I just wanted to know if there is anything worth riding or attractions at BGW that I must make sure I don't miss. Also do they have sit in restaurants in the park, and lastly has anyone has experience with hotels in the area worth staying in.

On Monday we will visit the water park, and maybe go into the park for the evening, then the following Tuesday we will spend more time in the park. My question is should I expect long wait times for any rides at either the water park or any of the parks thrill rides in excess of 45mins or more? IM sure there are BGW locals who may read this. Anything you know is good help.

In addtion. During my visit to PKD last season the park was not too busy, but I think it was due to the heat. The longest wait was for Volcano which was all of the switch backs in its queue line under the shaded area outside the Volcano , and then some. It took about 40mins. Should I expect the same on a Thursday or more or less? IM aiming to ride their new drop tower, are the lines long for that as well?

Thank you to anyone who made an effort to reading this topic. I know that when I have any questions pertaining to any park I could log onto Coasterbuzz, and someone will have some type of helpful information pertaining to the topic. Again thanks.

P. S I am set to be in BGW Tuesday, August, 19. However IM not too sure so I wont post it in the meeting calendar unless IM 100% defiantly going that date. As of now anything can change.

Saturday, August 16, 2003 11:38 PM
We just hit Busch Gardens, Water Country and PKD last week (Aug 11-15)... Hit BG Mon/Tues, both days minimal lines (no more than 20 minute wait for any of the coasters... Water Country on Wednesday, not too bad...10-15 min wait for the big slides, and PKD on Thurs, no more than 15 min wait except Hypersonic which took about ~25 mins or so...We didn't ride the Drop Zone, but the line really wasn't that long for it... was an excellent week to go since there was a chance of rain each day...

If you're planning on going to BGW and Water Country combined for more than 2 days, I recommend the "Wild Card" pass we purchased at Colonial Williamsburg...it was $105 for 4 days at BGW, Water Country, and Colonial Williamsburg... we weren't really interested in Colonial, but we couldn't pass up the deal since we went to BG 2 days and Water Country 1 day... the pass includes free parking...great deal! :)

Can't give you any details on hotels as we stayed with relatives of a friend... BG has PLENTY of sit down places to eat in each of the "countries"...

Hope I answered some of your questions...

Sunday, August 17, 2003 9:13 AM
Well, BGW usually has average 20 minute waits, and there are many sit and eat places, but I am not a big fan of BGW fries. They festhaus is the place to eat I am told, but my experience there was a little strange.

PKD on a thursday should be all walkons or one train waits except for Volcano, Hypersonic, and Drop Zone. The longest wait might be a half hour for HSXLC. And of if you want some great food near PKD outside of the park, about 5 miles south is the "Welcome Back Diner" that is one of the greatest little diners I have ever been to.

And make sure to take part in teh nightrides on Grizzly. You can just reride and reride and reride.


Sunday, August 17, 2003 4:58 PM
BGW will meet and/or exceed all of your expectations for rollercoasters, flat rides, themed rides, and restaurants, most of which are not technically "sit in" but offer excellent food. One food option I enjoy is getting Italian food and eating outside in the San Marco theater watching the performing acts. They're kind of cheesy but for an amusement park quite well done. As for how long you are going to wait to ride coasters, it all depends on when you go. I've been visiting parks now for more years than I care to remember and I still have not figured out the science to the prediction of wait times like so many other people seem to have such a great grasp on.

I was offended at PKD the first time I visited; I thought (most of) the coasters sucked, and the park was untidy. I also found the class of persons that visit PKD is much different than the class of person at BGW. I'll just leave that one alone. The second time I visited PKD, Volcano was up (which I liked), and H-XLC was new (which I didn't). I think you either like or hate PKD, and I think I fall into the latter category.....

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Sunday, August 17, 2003 5:36 PM
Do two days/one night at Busch Gardens and one night at Water Country. If you use Water Country's "twlight pass" you can easily get the whole park done and then some because no one stays that late. Ive been to the Williamsburg area a couple of times in my life and I have never spent a day at WC only nights and have managed to hit every ride, the wave pool for a sizable length of time, and some of my favorites twice. My personal favorites there are the Nirto Racer, Atomic Breakers (cant explain why I just do!) and the best ride in the park Aquazoid. Their wave pool is cool too because instead of having to pay for tubes they have free life jackets available for everyone. Pure bliss.

Anyway, at BGW be sure to hit all the coasters once during the day and again at night. Be sure to especially hit BBW at night, this is in my opinion is the most improved ride at night. For other rides, be sure to hit Escape From Pompeii (Intamin big boat splash), Roman Rapids (raft ride), Corkscrew Hill (an exceptional 4-D simulator). Be sure to also hit the shows they are exceptional and finally check out the shops in the German section right past Alpie, they are of EPCOT World Showcase quality.

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Sunday, August 17, 2003 5:45 PM
I couldn't agree more with Touchdown about the night rides on the coasters at BGW - they all become completely different beasts. BBW is the most insane experience at night (completely different from the day), especially in the back seat and you should be able to get several rides without getting off. Alpengeist also is incredible at night, it will leave you breathless. Same with Apollo, and if it's foggy it makes it all the better. And of course, LNM is another great ride at night. There's so much to do at BGW, I spent 2 1/2 days at the park, and still wish I could've spent more time. Touchdown said basicully most of the must-rides, but you should also checkout the Sky Ride - it gives beautiful views of the park.

Water Country USA is also one of my favorite waterparks. There's a great seleciton of slides, and Peppermint Twist pulls the most insane g's, even more than S:UF.

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