GOCC Fall Freak Out-GL n CP-Sept 8th & 9th

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GOCC Fall Freak Out Geauga Lake Sept 8th

Was looking forward to this trip cause was going with my BFF Melody. She hadn’t been to CP since my wedding in ‘04 and had never been to GL.

High Points:
Despite downpours and occasional sprinkles during drive to GL, weather held off enough during ERT and eventually it turned REALLY humid. But no rain, good. Sorry we didn’t bring a change of clothes and take advantage of WWK.

The park’s landscaping and cleanliness was it’s usual Cedar Fair breathtaking. Still looks odd no X or SV.

ERT on Dominator was it’s usual blast. Had it been my hubby and not Mel I wouldn’t have moved off Dominator. Still managed 12 ERT rides and one of Thunderhawk. Mel really liked Dominator, especially when I explained to her how to keep her head from coming off in the corkscrews.

Bought hubby another X-Flight hat thanks to the $20.00 in Beagle Bucks they gave the GOCC’ers.

We totally enjoyed the Lego 4D show. It was really great, and we welcomed sitting in a/c for 30 minutes.

Mel had her maiden ride on Dino Island and she really loved it! It was fun for me watching her have such a good time. It stinks how many people miss it cause they have no clue it is even back there.

I loved seeing some of my friends who I haven’t seen in what feels like months.

The compliments about my new CP tattoo was great! I was really excited about getting it to CP to show it off. At this point I’m glad I held off on my “maybe I’ll get a GL tattoo too” Yikes!

Low Points:
Our “breakfast” was continental, danish, juice, micro bagels, strawberries coffee and pop. Thanks to the “breakfast” at FFO last year, I knew to stop at McD’s for some real food on way to park.

Dominator is running like crap. Besides the squeaking and usual head banging here and there, now it suffers from “Raptor thumps” in some of the helixes. Definite lack of TLC, shame.

There was a never ending rumor that Dominator is going to KD next year. I know, rumor but…the same people who were talking about it’s move were the same people who were right about X and SV. I hate the fact that coaster may/will be leaving, and even more disappointed it won’t be going to KI (closer to me!)

Why does GL still have the nastiest women’s bathrooms? The one by the Lakeside picnic area is like stepping back into the 70’s. The others are just disgusting. Not clean wise, all the Clorox in the world isn’t going to help the over all looks of these restrooms. Old, dark and moldy. Blech.

That makes total sense GL isn’t going to put any capital into the restrooms, and CF doesn’t generally do anything to the restrooms unless there is something new by that area.

We didn’t do a lot of riding, just walking around and looking in every gift shop. We booked out of Aurora around 4ish to head to Sandusky. All in all we had a lot of fun. Mel liked GL alot., but she was more excited about the FFO Part II at CP.

GOCC Fall Freak Out Cedar Point Sept 9th

High Points:
Sandusky skies looked awful. It had POURED the night before and I was thinking we may get rained out. I brought my employee rain gear and had bought Mel raingear from WalMart. She said it made her look like the Gortons fisherman but she was happy to wear it!

Breakfast was in Coral Courtyard and was real food. Eggs, bacon, sausage, danish, gravy, biscuits, fresh fruit.

ERT on Maverick was awesome. We rode front car on our 1st ride. When we hit the tunnel I said to Mel

“I think I forgot to mention about this tunnel” and off we went. Classic. We only had to move to another train 1x, other wise we stayed put for another 9 rides. Mel really loved the ride. I swear it gets better and better as time goes on.

Ben-thanks for the bunny ears on the GOCC Maverick group shot! ;)

We took on the whole park. Mel LOVED the few Halloweekends stuff that was floating around here and there. She rode Raptor with me 3x (once it opened cause of the rain) I think if I had been with hubby I prob would have stayed there all day. No line. Stacking yes (so what else is new) but no line. Block brake barely touching, could have contributed to the stacking. Nah.

Mel really loved Skyhawk, she was shocked on how it didn’t look as intense and fun as it is.

I have got to let my tat guy know all the ewwws and ahhhhs about his tattoo! (Oh yea and a couple of ouches too!) I was glad it hadn’t hit the peeling stage yet since I had just gotten it Thursday.

Happened to see Mr. Skyward (black Halloweekends sweat shirt) while we were waiting on Raptor to open after rain. He saw me and waved. Then he started showing me his Halloweekends button. We were waiting on row 1 when he came on the platform and he waited on row 2. He walked up to me and started touching my face. He asked me if I was going to come during Halloweekends, I told him yes, he said when?? And tried to touch my face again.

After we were done riding Mel noticed a button laying on the stairs. I picked it up and it was a Halloweekends button. We saw Mr Skyward in the video/picture station and he was desperately looking for something. Checking his pockets like crazy. I walked up to him and showed him the button and asked him if that was what he was looking for. He said “thank you thank you!” and went to hug me. I backed away and said “don’t thank me, thank her-she found it!” and pointed at Mel. She walked away as quick as she could ;)

Classic. He is really a harmless guy and very sweet.

Did I mention I was behind a car in Columbus who’s license plate read “SKYWARD”??? I took a pic of it with my camera to prove it too. No, it wasn’t him but what were the chances of seeing that plate?

Mel and I pretty much took in the entire park, having fun just talking and riding here and there. Mel is determined to get her kids to the park before the season is over.

Low Points:
How the heck did I spend another $100.00+ on more CP and Raptor stuff? OMG!

The humidity was unreal once the sun came out. It was moist beyond moist. Fully dressed people were jumping on SRFs just to get cooled off.

I could not believe all the disgusting shirts I saw. A couple had words I cant even write here. There was one who had a “c” word on it and when we saw him later in the day it was inside out. Someone was paying attention then but obviously missed a few. It’s a family park, don’t people think about the kids before they get dressed?
Don’t even get me started on the “I’m a size 16 but look good in size 8” chicks. Blech! :(

Thanks to Mel having to get home to her kids we didn’t stay for PM ERT. Had it been on Raptor there would have been a fight but since it was on MF it was no biggie to me.

We left the park around 6:30ish talking about all the fun we had the whole way home. To my friends I haven’t seen in forever I’ve missed you guys! We need to get together soon! Thanks to my BFF Mel for tolerating me dragging her around for 2 days! :)

My thanks to GL and CP for a great FFO! :)

Lifetime Raptor flights: 1220 :)

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Hey Jo,
I'm glad you had a great time at the Lake... I hope my B&M floorless doesn't go anywhere... :(... Oh well sorry I missed your ERT, and "You know the drill..." speil. I'm kind of suprised we didn't have any other TRs for FFO.


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