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Saturday Sept 24th

Hubby and I looked forward to this years FFO due to loving Dorney and Talon as much as we do and we were especially excited about Hydra. Although (due to a small turn out) we had no AM ERT, have no fear. Thanks to a light crowd, we got PLENTY of ride time even before lunch. We snuck over to Hydra 1st thing and managed 7 rides.

Hydra’s color scheme is a lot like Raptor’s so naturally I loved it! :) Hydra’s entrance sign is huge and 3-D, that alone makes you exited. Previous to riding Hydra my favorite floorless were Medusa and Dominator. Looks like both have lost out now. From the 1st Jo-Jo roll the ride is a blast!

I had heard many complain about the Jo-Jo as just simply being upside down for a long time. It was awesome!! The rest of the ride only gets better and better with each of the non-stop elements Hydra delivers. There is no head banging (not even in the back) not only is Hydra quiet (thanks to, of course the sand in the rails) there are several spots of air time and g-forces galore. There is no huge invert during the ride, which you won’t miss. If you look very closely you can see where Hercules once stood. Now in spots where people were screaming from pain from Hercules, people are now screaming with delight :)

Dorney has a sure winner with Hydra, and makes me extremely jealous a park closer to us won’t invest in something like this.

Hubby and I took in the rest of the park, sticking with Talon for quite a few rides (ended the day with 16) Talon is still running like a charm, still packing a punch, and still making it’s brother Raptor quite proud. The crew got a kick out of 1 of my CP tats. I finally rode “Revolution” which thanks to MaxAir wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was really like a mini-MaxAir and was really a lot of fun. We rode Steel Force 4x, Lazer 3x and hit up some more spin and pukes and flat rides before lunch.

That evening we gathered for the group photo, then it was time to hit up Hydra for some ERT.

Unlike some parks (CP *cough* CP) reride was the word of the night! :) We had enough people to fill the 2 trains. We lucked out getting the 2nd (less full) train because we had all our 9 straight rerides in the front. We could have changed seats any time we wanted but stayed put. Hydra definitely seemed to be running faster by nights end. Never got sick of the ride, never felt sick and could have stayed on for hours. The only thing better than Hydra during the day was Hydra during the evening. We ended the day with a total of 21 Hydra rides :)

Leave it up to B&M to make another winner! :)

In my opinion, despite the small crowd we had, and the shorter ERT, this year’s Fall Freak Out was a great time!! Our thanks to Dorney Park and all the other coaster freaks for making it such fun for all of us!!

Lifetime Raptor flights: 1073 :)

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Glad to hear someone else is enthusiastic about Hydra. I think a trip to Dorney for Halloweekends is a definite.

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