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Saturday, October 20, 2001 11:30 PM
B/F and I arrived at park around 9am. Must admit the trip (ALL highway) there was very nice considering my usual (back lane country roads) haul to CP. Arrived at SFWOA quickly began noticing I reconized several people already, and once got to front gate noticed several people reconized me. I saw several fellow GTTP'ers, Kick the Sky, Tony, Shivering Tim, and a few who I had never met before. I also ended up seeing someone I "hung out with" during '00 Coastermania, (and again can NOT remember his name, I am horrible @ names but he remembered mine! ) ERT was from 11am-noon, on Villian and Batman Night Flight.
B/F and I headed for Villian 1st, nice woodie!
We did 2 quick laps then off the Batman Night Flight. I was very excited about this ride since I loved "Medusa" at SFGA so much. Batman wins :)
What an awesome ride, and how about 5 laps in the back, 2 in the front, one in the middle, did I mention rerides? We snuck on later too. I think CP should trade Mantis for Batman! Once park opened to GP we still took on all the coasters (except for Serial Thriller which to me looked like an overgrown "Face Off" so no biggie) We ended up hooking up with an awesome and fun couple, Flora (?-remember what I said about names-she's a fellow GTTPer too) and her hubby Tim-they were GREAT, not to mention they had been there before so could be our "tour guides". My favorite ride was DEFINITELY X-Flight, it was awesome, I laughed so hard the whole flight my stomach hurt by the time we got back to the station. Superman The Escape not as "bad" as it looks. B/F ALMOST ditched out of that one, he asked me if I minded if he got off--oops-too late! We took the ferry to the aquarium, then met for the GOCC lunch. It was ok-typical and cold, but after the Discovery premiere @ CP in July going to be hard to top that! We left park around 7pm, home by 10pm (would have been sooner if b/f let me drive his truck ;)) I had to be back at Quarter Horse Congress at 6am this morning, or we would have stayed till midnight. Let me just say with all the whining about this park all season and having already LOVED SFGA I was curious to see how "bad" SFWOA was going to be. It wasn't!! Quite the contrary, the weather was AWESOME, the park ops were very, very nice (alot my age too!) the rides were awesome, the longest wait was 30 minutes for X-flight, the park was very clean and all the Halloween decorations were great too. I told my b/f we would have to go back on a "regular" day, we had a ball! Next time I will have to take my truck though cause tons of people asked me if I had my "famous" CP truck with me! The ONLY bad thing about this trip was listening to some guy (idiot?) go on and on in the ferris wheel line how he didnt think it was fair his g/f couldnt ride Raptor anymore because of her size. I know he was only saying it because my shirt said "CP and Raptor Crew" on it. Later I saw his g/f at the GOCC  luncheon she was really working on "fixing" that "problem"....NOT!!
It was a GREAT time none the less!! Kudos to GOCC and SFWOA for a great time for us!! It was nice seeing all my "CP buds" and meeting some new ones too!
2000 Raptor Crew
Po!nter Girl-FOREVER!
Welcome back Raptor riders-how was your flight?

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Sunday, October 21, 2001 9:06 AM
Were the on ride photos working.
Monday, October 22, 2001 5:05 AM
Nice trip report Jo. I knew you'd like the park. Its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. CU@CP Next Year!


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