GM and Disney have unique arrangement for Test Track

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While both companies declined to comment on specific financial details, the current agreement (in effect until spring 2009) involves much more than simply slapping the GM logo or vehicle names on a Disney World thrill ride. It's created what is essentially the world's only permanent auto show inside an amusement park.

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Really, what gave that away? The fact half of the post-show is a car trade show with lights and such, or the fact every brand of car GM makes is shown and presented all throughout the ride?
Is this really news? Other than maybe the executive center, all of this has been going on for a long time.
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It's called a magazine feature. If you don't wish to read it, you don't have to.
Last time we went, the wife sat in one of the cars on display (couldn't tell you the make/model).... convinced her to learn to drive as a result - she liked sitting in the driver's seat! :)

Back on-topic... that ride has to be the most shameless abuse of sponsorship ;)

Test Track's sponsorship wasn't that bad. At least it felt like you had stuff you could check out and enjoy. Innoventions has that "home of the future" display that absolutely pummeled you with infomercial branding for a solid half hour and I felt like I wasted a lot of money watching someone else's advertising. Test Track gave you a nice ride at least.
I'd rather have GM than Ford!..but really other than that I'm glad GM will be apart of the ride.
All I can say is that I miss Horizons. Mission Space is neat, but there was something really neat and special about Horizons.
Just be careful not to press the On Star buttons in the cars, they are actually hooked up and operational, as my mom and sister found out when they found themselves talking to an OnStar operator while in the pavillion.

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