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My wife and I live in Kansas City and are platinum pass holders at Worlds of Fun. It just so happens that I used to live in Ohio and worked at Geauga Lake back in 04-05. We are here visiting family and decided today to take a trip to WWK.

My wife is from FL so pretty much the whole trip to the park I explained to her the sad story of the property that sits in Aurora, how both parks started (geauga lake and sea world) and its crazy history since 2000 when Six Flags Ohio was born. It was very sad to see the park in its current state, but I knew that it would be going in. The worst part was looking across the lake and seeing the Big Dipper, knowing my wife would never know what a ride on it was like, nor knowing what the view used to look like from the top of Thunder Falls.

Im going to save the "sad and depressed talk" (everyone knows the park looks horrible and if we all had it our way itd be different)

We had a wonderful time, however today. The park was not packed, but it certainly wasnt empty. We rode all the attractions fairly quickly, lifeguards were friendly, and the park really looked great (landscaping, etc.) from what the lifeguards told me, yesterday (Sunday) was packed, and the lines were very long. I have a feeling that Cedar Fair will make this park work... especially after seeing people aren't lining up at their door for the land across the lake.

If anyone from managment is listening here are my ideas to make WWK better:
- Add some more slides (obviously). If you are trying to make this park a premier waterpark, then it needs a "premier" attraction. Why not add the world's longest/tallest water coaster?
- There is a perfectly good movie theater sitting right there practically in the waterpark. Why cant this movie theater be utilized? - LOWER the daily admission rate. (Dover Lake was $12.95 weekends and $9.95 through the week) Allow the park to raise a fan-base again and then raise the price.
- Why not move the big dipper across the lake and make it apart of WWK? Everyone can ride in their bathing suits, and everyone will be happy!

From the size of the crowd today, I would say WWK is here to stay. They really have nothing to lose. I know we are all angry at what happened, but the worst thing we can do is boycott WWK or Cedar Fair.

We all have something in common- theres a place in our heart that comes alive when we are at a theme park. Something about escaping from the everyday and having a good time excites us. What made us love Geauga Lake was never the managment team or the owner, it was the memories we made at that lake in Aurora. We can argue and blame and boycott and rage about what has happened- but the fact remains, we cant change it- Geauga Lake as an amusement park is no more. My fear is that the problem that took place at the property on Rt. 43 is just a small token of things to come as people use their entertainment dollar on other things besides amusement parks. Its happening in Myrtle Beach, SC where a new theme park opened just one year ago, and now is trying to make it under a new name and staggering attendance (Freestlye music park)*. Its happening in NYC where the headquarters of the worlds largest theme park operator just filed Bankruptcy (Six Flags). We need to support these parks; Cedar Point, Disney, GL WWK, Kennywood, ALL OF THEM. Not because we like/dislike the operators of these properties but becuase we want the traditions and memories to continue for generations to come!

Today I chose to go to Geauga Lake's new tradition, a family waterpark. I made some great new memories, and was reminded of old ones. I am glad I did... and I would encourage everyone here to do the same, this way we can atleast ensure that Geauga Lake will continue to be known as a place to have fun!


Many companies have tried to make GL great with no avail, so I don't think CF will put too much money into it.

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