Glow in the Park Parade SFGAdv

They have an update on this site with pictures from the new Glow in the Park Parade.

I like how this parade looks, but I don't really get the first part of the parade. It just has the cirque type of people, and that just doesn't make sense.

How about having a Superman float with Superman, Supergirl, and get a Lex Luthor too? I don't see Wonder Woman in the parade, but she must be there somewhere. Where's the Flash, Green Lantern, and Robin?

Instead, of the cirque stuff how about doing a float that looks like a roller coaster? Disney has a float that has castles. I like the second half of this parade even though I haven't seen it in person. I'm guessing they had the animals because of the safari park, but the park is SFGAdv that the parade is in, and not the safari park.

SFGAdv has El Toro, so why not have a bull in the parade, and put near it the name of the ride so people get it. A dragon that just in the parade just doesn't make sense to me. At SFMM, have the dragon red, and call it Tatsu. That makes sense, but SFMM doesn't have this parade.

That's a whole lot (85 is what they say) of people for this parade. How much does that cost?

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