Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park (CO)

I believe only in Colorado can one combine a ski resort with a caving experience, amusement park and visit with snow on the ground.

I'm making my way back to Ohio via Interstate 70 (north is pretty messed up weather wise.) and found some pamphlets on this little park in Glenwood Springs. In order to get to the park itself you have to follow an access route which travels next to I-70....then pay the $13 to take the 3 car tram up to the top. Well more than 3 cars---but they send up 3 cars at a time. It stops twice on the way up or down due to loading and unloading.

At the top you can purchase individual tickets, or an all day pass which includes all activities and unlimited rides. There are two cave tours, a ferris wheel, swing which takes you over the canyon edge, zipline, alpine coaster, two smaller coasters, laser tag, restaraunt, gift shop, smaller kids coasters, basically a frontier/mining themed park.

Anyhow after arriving at the top, I watched some people go on the 4 person skyhawk style swing, and observed from the viewing area. Both coasters were closed due to weather (snow melting/on the tracks) and I really only had interest in the Alpine Coaster at first. After a ride down and walk around the small park, I decided to go on the coaster which had opened, and was talked into buying the unlimited pass for only $23 more---was gonna spend $12 for the coaster, and the pass included all as stated before.

CLIFFHANGER: Walk on--3 rides, very back, 2nd seat from back, front.
This was a relocated coaster making its debut last year, Italian coaster designer....rough coming off the lift, but nice views of the canyon and town far below. Similar to Wildcat in layout. cars looked like arrow coasters...track was like vekoma, very interesting, and lap bar had lots of room.
Was a fun, but bit rough coaster. Happy to have a coaster after not riding any since may.... 6/10

Went to lunch, then decided on another ride on the Alpine Coaster. Met with a fellow enthusiast, who was wearing his Phoenix (Knobels) hoodie, and trying to see if the park was going to open the 2nd coaster (a small family/kiddie coaster which everyone could ride.) Eventually they did get the coaster running, and I'm sure he got his cred, as did I...

Wild West Express: Walk on front.
This was a Jr. Gemini style coaster which went around the track 5 times. It's designed like a train, and also relocated and debuted last year. Figured only needed on time for my creds....but definitely could see kiddies having fun with this one....

The Alpine Coaster---basically an alpine slide but with locked in carts on the track, so technically a coaster with steep drops, sharp turns, and a whopping speed of 25mph. Went on a total of 3 times, twice with the fiancee---I was controlling speed the first time, second time I went down alone and opened up the throttle, and last time fiancee controlled speed and I think was scared to open the throttle all the way. Controlled by a hand brake/lever for speed, and taken back up by a cable lift system similar to a coaster. Seatbelts were like car seatbelts...

Overall it was a cute little park, which I am happy to add the creds---and happy I've finally ridden a coaster! (or two

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Wait, you didn't ride the Screaming Swing on the cliff edge?!

the Canyon Swing is the best ride in the place, hopefully you rode it at least once, nothing like looking down 1000'+ to the river & highway below.

Also, there is no skiing/snowboarding there. The gondola was installed for access to the park, their elevation & southern exposure are not conducive for keeping snow.

Just FYI-
The Cliffhanger is an S&MC standard Hurricane ride and was relocated from the now closed Celebration City in Branson. It carries the distinction, and is billed as, North America's "highest" ride. Not the tallest, mind you, but the highest- built at an elevation of over 7000 feet. Sounds like a nosebleed waiting to happen.

Wild West Express is a (very) small Zeirer Tivoli coaster.

^^ Showoff. :)

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

The more you know...

I've got strong reason to believe that the elevation of the Candy Cane Coaster at Santa's Workshop at the base of Pikes Peak is actually higher at 7600' (estimated). Maybe if I ever get around to building one at my house I'll take the record at 9600'.

There's a downtown Denver high rise that's over 4300 feet tall?

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

I don't live downtown anymore, I live on Mt Evans between Idaho Springs & Evergreen, 40+ acres and we just got done clearing a few ski trails. Just need the snow to start falling now. Rope tow will have to wait until next season.

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I agree with coaster kevin re: Candy Cane Coaster.

The ski lift was SO cold, icicles everywhere....Labor Day. Flyers were pretty snappable, though.

Still the strangest admission situation anywhere...really IS "pay as you go" POP admission, LOL.

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