GL: Friday 7/16 dead again

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We got here about 4:15p, and the park was dead, again. Everything was walk up.

just the highlights:

Dominator was extremely smooth. I was impressed. As smooth as Raptor is.

And another thing I noticed is that on Villain, people were allowed to carry backpacks and other things on the train with them. And I saw somebody leave somthing on the platform.

Not a lot of highlights huh...

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Man, sounds interesting. I don't consider Raptor smooth, especially going into the final breaks.

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Don't confuse a rough ride with a sudden stop, Kyle :)

Last time I rode Raptor (2002) I noticed the Cobra Roll had gotten a tad "iffy" - not rough, but dangerously close to banging.

Ended up skipping it during our 2003 trip.

Raptor is glass smooth...minus the cobra roll and the final "snap" into the brakes.
OK, let me clarify...

The Dominator used to rattle my head from the 1st drop to the end.

The Raptor is not so smooth at the first inversion of the cobra roll, and definitely not so smooth at the brake run... but at least the Raptor never rattled my head.

Talking about rough rides, the Mean Streak burns my back, even when I sit forward without my back touching the seat the whole ride.

I don't know, I think Dominator needs some new wheels or something. When it goes through the final flatspins it's really getting kind of rough. I actually noticed the opposite Saturday, I thought the ride was getting a little rougher. Even though the park didn't have huge crowds, the crew was running awesome with 3 trains. To me, that is the only comparison to Raptor.
Speaking of the Dominator, it was up and down so
many times, that each time I got in line it
broke down and left people stranded, including me
once, and it wasn't just the Dominator, X-Flight
and Steel Venom also had their share of brakedowns,
infact I was left stuck on SV right above the go karts
for a 1/2 hour, they did give us tickets so that we
could enter a ride line through the exit and get one,,
but man just alot of headaches today, still had a great
time, but what was going on I'll never know for now..

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Has this park seen a crowded day since it opened this year?

I might just make the trek from Chicago to enjoy walk-on rides.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Chitown what do you mean when you say busy? CC Day was busy, but that's an exception. I wasn't there but I've heard horror stories. The busiest I've ever seen it is a 45 minute X-Flight wait but I've never seen any other coaster besides Big Dipper with a line out of the station.
When I was at the Lake Sunday night, I swear Dominator was down more than it was up. I got in line around 6pm and boom it went down. They got it up and running in about 30 minutes. One train out, I'm on the next one and, boom, the train I was on gets stuck on the brake run for about 10 minutes. We finally get off and they shut it down for a little bit and then open it and within 3 or 4 trains it was down again.

After I got off of Dominator I went to RWB and it was down. I asked the guy at the front of the line and he said it would be back up in 20 minutes. 30 minutes later it was up again. I was amazed at how good this ride was this time. Last year the first half was almost unbearable, don't get me wrong, the first half is still rough, but really fun! I found the second half almost a bore. They do still need to get rid of those stupid trains and get some better ones though.

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I have been to the park only once this year, and it was not that busy on a Saturday in May(there was some music event going on, and during the concert, the park was extremely dead). I am more than happy to be a filler for the park, but to pay each time this season, I just won't do it. I think that the attendance will increase next year once they allow the other CF parks season pass holders to use their home parks' pass at GL as well. I know I would go more often if I could use my CP season pass.
about a month ago i stopped for gas at the gas station across the road from GL. I talked to the attendant, who said, comparing to their normal sales from the previous year, they are down about 50% of their normal business. (this station is like the closest one to the park).
he said the biggest drop off is out-of-state plates from mich and pa that get gas before headin' home... he said the biggest complaint he hears from people is: what happened to the animals??? (i guess the majority of people don't follow this stuff the way we do.)
This was the first year in many we didn't get season passes, largely because the kids got bored last year after the third time their. When you've riden X-Flight over 100 x, it just doesn't quite give ya the rush...
Hopefully, C-Fair will have more time and do more before next season. this year was just too rushed for them...
Has Raging Wolf Bobs openned yet?

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I was at the park Sunday night. RWB was open. It didn't open till about 7 pm or so though. I don't know if it was open earlier in the day because I didn't get there till about 6 pm.

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