Girl struck by cell phone on Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster

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The parents of an eight year old girl are furious after their daughter was injured at Six Flags Magic Mountain after being struck in the face by a cellphone while riding a rollercoaster. They are now demanding that the park take stronger action to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Read more and see video at KNBC/Los Angeles.

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I large part because you couldn't do anything with them.

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You could use them as...phones.

My current phone gets used on average 7 hours every day...but is used as a phone once, maybe twice a week, if that.

Exactly. If I used my 4 year old phone just to make calls, the battery would last for days. But I don't so it doesn't.

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Hey! You could play snake!

My current “phone” has been off the charger, in my hands, used quite a bit since I got to work this morning. 6 hours and I’m at 72% battery. I use CarPlay, so it’ll get bump charged again on the way home but it doesn’t need it. With that, I generally go to sleep with about 60-70% charge. If I don’t use it all day for anything, it stays charged to about 90% by end of work day.

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At both Mystic Timbers and Orion we were told that we had to put our bag in a paid locker because loose items were not allowed in the queue...

I ride those with either my fanny pack or stuff in my pockets all the time. I even put things in my non-zippered hoodie pockets. I have my DJI Pocket 2 camera with me in the all the queues for my YouTube videos. No one has ever told me I couldn't. But I didn't go at all in 2020.

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At one time both Banshee and Mystic Timbers had "no bags" rules, though Banshee was more strict (I was always able to ride Mystic Timbers with my pnaren* waist-pack, but it gave me problems on Banshee. Both rides have since reverted to the oh-so-sensible rule that small belt-bags are OK provided that they do not interfere with the seating and restraint. Shoulder bags, purses, handbags, cross-body packs, backpacks, not permitted. Garments may not be tied around the waist. But bags with a strap around the body are OK. Experience suggests that a belt bag with a shoulder strap (such as my old pnaren bag; I wish I could find one of those again, it was a better size for my pnaren than the one I have been using) is also OK but you may have to show that it has a belt.

Such was not my experience with Fury 325 in the year that it opened. In order to ride, I had to stuff my pnaren into the cargo pocket of my shorts, then stuff the bag into my other pocket, the tactic I usually reserve for non-magnetometer bag search checkpoints (my "Universal method"). This meant the much-bigger-than-a-cell-phone pnaren was in fact less secure and more of an obstacle to the ride restraint, but somehow that was better than a small bag wrapped around my midsection. Anybody know if that policy has changed?

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

* pnaren: A palm-sized electronic device engineered for taking high quality cubgbf and high-definition digital ivqrb. Such a device is usually frowned upon when riding. I leave mine stashed in the bag unless I have explicit permission to use it on the ride, but some operators have been known to get nasty if they know the device exists. Not sure whether that's power-tripping or just too many people who will whip it out on the lift hill...


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I'm sure fanny packs are the bee's knees but I can't bring myself to wear one. We generally bring a small bag into parks. Inside the bag we have sunscreen. If we are at Six Flags we also have our member bottles. At Disney or Universal we usually pack some snacks, sometimes breakfast if we are opening the park. All of our loose items (hats, glasses, phones) get stuffed in the bag and stored. Depending on the park that might mean locker, storage bin, or by my feet. Do rides at King's Island not have storage bins? If not, where do you store hats and sunglasses?

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This discussion makes me think... do you still have to keep your flip flops on while on Diamondback? I was surprised at that a few years ago. I was wearing old school simple flips flops and ended up taking them off and holding them on the lift. No way those were staying on.

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Several years ago, I was at BGT, and they made me keep my flip flops on on Sheikra. That baffled me for obvious reasons. I spent the entire ride holding my feet together and clenching my toes.

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