Girl critically injured on tea cup ride at Dania Beach Boomers

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A 13-year-old girl who slammed her head on a Dania Beach amusement park ride was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Broward General Hospital. Natayzha West was in stable condition condition, as of this writing, suffering from head injuries after hitting her head on an a teacup amusement park ride at Boomers in Dania Beach.

Read more and see video from WFOR/South Florida.

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Ouch, sounds horrible, I hope shes alright in the long run. Those cups do look so close together that anyone spinning quite fast who is tall enough could possibly be struck by one of the handles if they are leaning back. Good of Boomers to close both models and check with the who made the ride (zamperla I'm assuming)
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Man what is with all these accidents!??!

It has been bad lately for 13 year-old girls, I'm alittle nervous for my sister now......

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I'm going to subject this one to "rider error"... because if they've been safe all this time up until this point, and it's not a result of ride-op error, it has to be rider-error in some fashion.

I watched the video of this a few nights ago, and it's incredibly sketchy to say exactly what happened. The mother says that the daughter got dizzy and leaned her head back, and that was about all the information provided. How ironic/sad that the first ride on the homepage the other night was the Magic Tea Cup ride.
OH MY GOD!!! The same thing just happened to my daughter at Heritage Square Amusement Park out here in Colorado!!! She is 16, and thankfully they say she will be okay. She does have a nasty concusion and suffered hemmorhages in both eyes, and nasty bruises all over her body! She could not handle the gravity and leaned back and flipped out, smashing her head and face! WHERE ARE THE RESTRAINTS ON THESE RIDES???

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