Girl, 15, dies in ride separation accident at Spanish park

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A 15-year-old girl died and two other people were hospitalized with severe injuries after an amusement park ride in Barcelona, Spain, broke in midair, a city spokeswoman said. A young boy who was on the ride suffered minor injuries, but walked away from the twisted metal on his own, Barcelona spokeswoman Rosa Diaz said.

Read more and see video from CNN.

This looks to be the ride on youtube:

The forces that this ride appears to be put on the main support just don't look safe to me (even though I have know idea what the actual forces are for this ride...)

Speculation also:

It appears that this would have almost had to have happened on the backward return swing to have hit the other ride. Since it doesn't appear directly beneath it, but a few yards back. And it would have needed some type of gravitational force to have tossed it that direction...unless it bounced first.

So sad.

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This does *look* like the Fabbri version of the ride. Pleasure Beach used to have two - they are pretty intense.

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While the CNN article makes it sound as if the passenger car fell, it now appears that the entire ride collapsed. There's a picture of this on

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