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I arrived at Ocean City about 1pm, and parked at Playland. Went to Gillians Island, my first visit to that family waterpark. They have relocated the entrance to the street side. They still have work to do, since the changing rooms are still on the boardwalk. 4/10. The park is pretty interesting, as it is a maze to navigate the attractions.

Climbed the tower to the Serpentine slides first. Not a huge line, but bad enought walking on tar paper. Very hot. However, the slide was long and great. 7/10. Did a shot gun slide, which drops in a pool, which then drops down a gang slide. Good combo. 7/10. Did 2 laps on the lazy river. The river is narrow, and the stunts did not work, but it was clean. 6/10.

Did the Sky Pond. Only 1 pond on this one. But, it was a good slide. 6/10. This park was designed by the same guy who built both of Morey's waterparks. Now, that is a Sky Pond they have. 4 levels. Anyway, then walked the park, and then went to the childrens area, and played on the Pirate ship. I convinced the life guard it was my first time on a slide, and he let me go down the spiral slide in the back of the pool. Its a great area for kids, and their parental-units can see the whole area. 8/10. Gillians Island is very clean, and the employees are very friendly. Overall. 7/10. This a family park. No pina coladas, no horse play, and activity pools with volleyballs. They have a 2/3 hr, or an all day for $3 more. Between the slide all day and the beach, you can spend solid time here for under $30.

Gillians Wonderland. I walked through to see the new rides. They have a new ride where the riders pedal like a bike to make a loop. The City Jet is gone, which was a good little coaster. They have a Chance Slingshot, which was making lots of noises. It was a heat, but there was not much excitement here. They do however have good western theming on their rides. My theory is that Roy Gillian is a closet wild west buff. No rating.

Playland. The real secret in OC is here. Did the flume. 6/10. Great compact ride. Rode the Flitzer. Smooth. 6/10. Managed to get on ride video of the Pinfari Looper. 6/10. Smooth. Every ride in this park looks new. I rode the new Satori Jumper, themed to a Frog hopping on lily pads or something. They even had it going backwards. If Kennywood ever retires the Kangaroo, this is the replacement. Overall 7/10.

The employees were upbeat and friendly. Then stopped at Jilly's Arcade to play some pinball. I am a 'solid earner' on the Sopranos. Another hidden treasure, located in a restored carousel building.

If you have families, and Wildwood is too much, then stop for a few days at Ocean City. *** Edited 7/12/2005 8:09:22 PM UTC by Agent Johnson*** *** Edited 7/14/2005 4:15:29 AM UTC by Agent Johnson***

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Nice TR. I'd like to take the fam here, now that I've become a water fan. :)

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